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Baffo, Ilaria
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12021Techno-economic analysis of biodiesel production from microbial oil using cardoon stalks as carbon sourceCastellini, Marco; Ubertini, Stefano ; Barletta, Diego; Baffo, Ilaria ; Buzzini, Pietro; Barbanera, Marco 
22020Reuse of leather scraps for insulation panels: Technical and environmental feasibility evaluationMarconi, Marco ; Barbanera, Marco ; Calabrò, Giuseppe ; Baffo, ilaria 
32020Optimal sizing and location of a fast charging infrastructure network for urban areasBaffo, ilaria ; Minucci, Simone ; Ubertini, Stefano ; Calabrò, Giuseppe ; Genovese, Antonino; Andrenacci, Natascia
42016Design and operation of strategic inventory control system for drug delivery in healthcare industryStecca, Giuseppe; Baffo, ilaria ; Kaihara, Toshiya
51-Feb-2019Combined heat, cooling, and power systems based on half effect absorption chillers and polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cellsLoreti, Gabriele; Facci, Andrea Luigi ; Baffo, ilaria ; Ubertini, Stefano 
62017An orienteering-based approach to manage emergency situationBaffo, ilaria ; Carotenuto, Pasquale; Rondine, Stefania
72018A web-based multiple criteria decision support system for evaluation analysis of carpoolingPetrillo, Antonella; Carotenuto, Pasquale; Baffo, ilaria ; De Felice, Fabio