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Willems, Daniela
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12000TGF beta autocrine loop regulates cell growth and myogenic differentiation in human rhabdomiosarcoma cellsBouche, M.; Canipari, R.; Melchionna, R.; Willems, Daniela ; Senni, M. I.; Molinaro, M.
22010Telomere Lenght Diversity in Cattle BreedTilesi, F.; Di Domenico, E. G.; Pariset, L.; Bosco, L.; Willems, Daniela ; Valentini, A.; Ascenzioni, F.
32011SNPs identification in swine leptin 5flanking region and transcriptional activity of naturally occurring promoter haplotypesCrisa, A.; Dandrea, M.; Willems, Daniela ; Pilla, F.; Valentini, A.
42014Promoter polymorphisms in genes involved in porcine myogenesis influence their transcriptional activityBongiorni, S.; Buongiorni, S.; Bircogna, S.; Dandrea Ms; Tilesi, F.; Bicorgna, S.; Iacoponi, F.; Willems, Daniela ; Gargani, M.; Dandrea, M.; Pilla, F.; Valentini, Alessio 
51992Persistence of the lens inducing capacity of the neural retina in adult Anura :xenopus laevis and Rana esculentaBosco, L.; Willems, Daniela 
62013Novel phenotypes related to the breeding of purple-fruited tomatoes and effect of peel extracts on human cancer cell proliferationMazzucato, Andrea ; Willems, Daniela ; Bernini, Roberta ; Picarella Me; Santangelo, E.; Ruiu, F.; Tilesi, F.; Soressi Gp; Mazzuccato, A.
72004Neurokinin 1 receptor expression and substance P physiological actions are developmentally regulated in the rabbit retinaCasini, G.; Dal Monte, M.; Fornai, F.; Bosco, L.; Willems, Daniela ; Yang, Q.; Zhuo, Z. J.; Bagnoli, P.
81997Lens fibre differentiation in cultured larval Xenopus laevis outer cornea under the influence of neural retina-conditioned mediumBosco, L.; Testa, O.; Venturini, G.; Willems, Daniela 
91996The inibition of differentiation caused by TGF beta in fetal myoblast is dependent upon selective expression of PKC tetaZappelli, F.; Willems, Daniela ; Osada, S.; Ono, S.; Wetsel, W.; Molinaro, M.; Cossu, G.; Bouch, M.
101993In vivo experimental analysis of lens transdifferentiation in larval Rana italica, Hyla arborea, and Xenopus laevisBosco, L.; Gentili, G.; Willems, Daniela 
111993In vivo and in vitro experimental analysis of lens regeneration in larval Xenopus laevisBosco, L.; Valle, C.; Willems, Daniela 
122004In vivo and in vitro experimental analysis of differentiative capacity of lens epithelium in Xenopus laevisWillems, Daniela ; Chiacchiera, F.; Bosco, L.
131997In vitro lens transdifferentiation of larval Xenopus laevis outer cornea induced by Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF)Bosco, L.; Venturini, G.; Willems, Daniela 
142015Identification of Novel Proteins Co-Purifying with Cockayne Syndrome Group B (CSB) Reveals Potential Roles for CSB in RNA Metabolism and Chromatin DynamicsNicolai, S.; Balajee As; Proietti-de-santis, L.; Proietti De Santis, Luca ; Balajee, A. S.; Filippi, S.; Caputo, M.; Cipak, L.; Gregan, J.; Ammerer, G.; Frontini, M.; Willems, Daniela ; Prantera, Giorgio 
151994First evidence of lens transdifferentiation of larval Xenopus laevisinduced by brain derived acidic FGFBosco, L.; Venturini, G.; Willems, Daniela 
162002Expression of the neurikinin receptor in the rabbit retinaCasini, G.; Sabatini, A.; Catalani, E.; Willems, Daniela ; Bosco, L.; Brecha, N. C.
171993Experimental analysis of the lens transdifferentiation process in larval AnuraBosco, L.; Sciacovelli, L.; Willems, Daniela 
182009Design and validation of siRNA and shRNATilesi, F.; Frediani, P.; Socci, V.; Willems, Daniela ; Ascenzioni, F.