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Vannini, Andrea
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12016Widespread Phytophthora infestations in European nurseries put forest, semi-natural and horticultural ecosystems at high risk of Phytophthora diseasesJung, T.; Chavarriaga, D.; Corcobado, T.; Cravador, A.; Decourcelle13, T.; Denton5, G.; Diamandis, S.; Dogmus-lehtijarvi, H. T.; Franceschini, A.; Ginetti, B.; Glavendekic, M.; Orlikowski, L.; Hantula, J.; Hartmann19, G.; Herrero20, M.; Ivic21, D.; Horta Jung1, M.; Lilja18, A.; Keca17, N.; Kramarets, V.; Lyubenova, A.; Machado, H.; Henricot, B.; Magnano Di San Lio, G.; Mansilla Vazquez, P. J.; Marcais, B.; Matsiakh, I.; Milenkovic, I.; Moricca, S.; Nagy, Z. A.; Nechwatal Oszako, J. T.; Pane, A.; Paplomatas, E. J.; Abad-campo, P.; Pintos Varela, C.; Prospero, S.; Rial Martnez, C.; Rigling, D.; Robin, C.; Rytkonen, A.; Sanchez, M. E.; Scanu, B.; Schlenzig, A.; Schumacher, J.; Aday, A. G.; Slavov, S.; Solla, A.; Sousa, E.; Stenlid, J.; Talg, V.; Tomic, Z.; Tsopelas, P.; Vannini, Andrea ; Vettraino, A. M.; Wenneker, M.; Agun Casal, O.; S.; Perez-sierra, A.; Bakonyi, J.; Cacciola, S. O.; Cech, T.
22015Use of nursery potting mixes amended with local Trichoderma strains with multiple complementary mechanisms to control soil-borne diseasesAleandri , M. P.; Chilosi, Gabriele ; Bruni, N.; Tomassini, A.; Vettraino, Anna Maria ; Vannini, Andrea ; Aleandri, M. P.
32021The fungal community associated with the ambrosia beetle Xylosandrus compactus invading the mediterranean maquis in central Italy reveals high biodiversity and suggests environmental acquisitionsSferrazza, Ivano; Aleandri, Maria Pia; Dalla Valle, Matteo; Speranza, Stefano ; Contarini, mario ; Vannini, Andrea 
42020Suppression of soil-borne plant pathogens in growing media amended with espresso spent coffee grounds as a carrier of Trichoderma sppChilosi, Gabriele ; Aleandri M.P; Luccioli E; Stazi, Silvia Rita ; Marabottini; Carmen Morales-Rodriguez; Vettraino, Anna Maria ; Vannini, Andrea 
52020Suppression of soil-borne plant pathogens in growing media amended with espresso spent coffee grounds as a carrier of Trichoderma sppCHILOSI, Gabriele ; Aleandri, Maria Pia; Luccioli, Elena; Stazi, Silvia Rita ; Marabottini, Rosita; Morales-Rodríguez, Carmen; Vettraino, Anna Maria ; Vannini, Andrea 
62015Sentinel Trees as a Tool to Forecast Invasions of Alien Plant PathogensVettraino, Anna Maria ; Roques, A.; Yart, A.; Fan, J. T.; Sun, J. H.; Vannini, Andrea ; Fanj-t; Sunj-h
72017The sentinel tree nursery as an early warning system for pathway risk assessmentVettraino Am; Li H-m; Eschen, R.; Morales-rodriguez, C.; Vannini, Andrea 
82013Pyrosequencing of environmental soil samples reveals biodiversity of the Phytophthora resident community in chestnut forestsVannini, Andrea ; Bruni, N.; Tomassini, A.; Franceschini, S.; Am Vettraino; Vettraino, Anna Maria 
92012Pyrosequencing as a tool for detection of Phytophthora speciesVettraino, Anna Maria ; Bonants, P.; Tomassini, A.; Bruni, N.; Vannini, Andrea 
102012Produzione on farm e potenzialit dellammendante compostato verde in ambito vivaisticoAleandri Mp; Vannini, Andrea ; Paolacci, M.; Chilosi, Gabriele ; Marco Paolocci2; Bruni, N.; Luccioli, E.; Tomassini, A.; Torresi, V.; Vettraino Am; Muganu, M.
112014PatologiaVannini, Andrea ; Anselmi, N.; Vettrano Am
122015Pathogenicity of Phytophthora lateralis lineages on resistant and susceptible selections of Chamaecyparis lawsonianaRobin, C.; Brasier, C.; Reeser, P.; Sutton, W.; Vannini, Andrea ; A.; Hansen, E.; Vettraino, Anna Maria 
132015On farm production of compost from nursery green residues and its use to reduce peat for the production of olive pot plants Scientia HorticulturaeAleandri Mp; Chilosi, G.; Muganu, M.; Vettraino Am; Marinari, S.; Paolocci, M.; Luccioli, E.; Vannini, Andrea 
142013Occurrence of Phytophthora cinnamomi in cork oak forests in ItalyScanu, B.; Bt Linaldeddu; Franceschini, A.; Anselmi, N.; Vannini, Andrea ; Am Vettraino; Linaleddu, B. T.; Vettraino, Anna Maria 
152021Occurrence of Biscogniauxia mediterranea in cork oak stands in TunisiaYangui, Islem; Ben Jamaâ, Mohamed Lahbib; Zouaoui Boutiti, Meriem; Vettraino, Anna Maria ; Vannini, Andrea ; Messaoud, Chokri
162014New notes on the biology of the chestnut fungus gnomoniopsis sp. and its possible use as a biocontrol agent of oriental chestnut gall waspVannini, Andrea ; Aleandri Mp; Vettraino, Anna Maria ; Vannini; A.; Martignoni; D.; Bruni; N.; Tomassini; Aleandri; Martignoni, D.; M. P.; Caccia; R.; Speranza; S.; Paparatti; B.; Bruni, N.; Tomassini, A.; Aleandri, M. P.; Caccia, R.; Speranza, Stefano ; Paparatti, B.
172013The morphology, behaviour and molecular phylogeny of Phytophthora taxon Salixsoil and its redesignation as Phytophthora lacustris sp. novNechwatal, J.; Nechwatal; J.; Bakonyi; Cacciola; S. O.; Cooke; D. E. L.; Jung; T.; Nagy; Bakonyi, J.; Z. A.; Vannini; Vettraino, Anna Maria ; Brasier; C. M.; Cacciola, S. O.; Cooke, D. E. L.; Jung, T.; Nagy, Z. A.; Vannini, Andrea ; A.; Brasier, C. M.
182012Manufactured wood trade to EuropeVannini, Andrea ; Franceschini; S.; Vettraino, Anna Maria ; Vannini; A.
192015Latent infection of Biscogniauxia nummularia in Fagus sylvaticaLuchi, N.; P.; Feducci; M.; Ceccarelli; B.; Vettraino, Anna Maria ; Capretti, P.; Feducci, M.; Vannini, Andrea ; Ceccarelli, B.; Luchi; N.; Capretti
202012Isolation of Phytophthora lateralis from Chamaecyparis foliage in TaiwanWebber, J. F.; Vettraino, Anna Maria ; Chang, T. T.; Bellgard, S.; Brasier, C. M.; Vannini, Andrea ; Bellgard, S. E.; Vannini; A.