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Vinciguerra, Vittorio
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Subject:  AGR/06 Tecnologia del legno e Utilizzazioni Forestali

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12022Synthesis and Characterizations of Eco-Friendly Organosolv Lignin-Based Polyurethane Coating Films for the Coating IndustryBergamasco, Sara; Tamantini, Swati; Zikeli, Florian ; Vinciguerra, Vittorio ; Scarascia Mugnozza, Giuseppe ; Romagnoli, Manuela 
22021Influence of forest stand characteristics on physical, mechanical properties and chemistry of chestnut woodMarini F; Manetti M.C; Corona, Piermaria ; Portoghesi L ; Vinciguerra, Vittorio ; Tamantini S; Kuzminsky, Elena ; Zikeli F; Romagnoli, Manuela 
32021Improving sustainability in wood coating: Testing lignin and cellulose nanocrystals as additives to commercial acrylic wood coatings for bio-buildingJusic, Jasmina; Tamantini, Swati; Romagnoli, Manuela ; Vinciguerra, Vittorio ; Di Mattia, Elena ; Zikeli, Florian; Cavalera, Massimo; Scarascia Mugnozza, Giuseppe 
42020Impact of Bio-Based (Tannins) and Nano-Scale (CNC) additives on Bonding Properties of Sunthetic adhesives (PVAc and MUF) Using Chestnut Wood from Young Coppice StandsMarini F; Zikeli F; Corona, Piermaria ; Vinciguerra, Vittorio ; Manetti M.C; Portoghesi, Luigi ; Scarascia Mugnozza, Giuseppe ; Romagnoli, Manuela