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Vocca, Paola
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Author:  Rossi, G.

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12010Spatial Node Distribution of Manhattan Path Based Random Waypoint Mobility Models with ApplicationsCrescenzi, P.; Di Ianni, M.; Marino, A.; Rossi, G.; Vocca, Paola 
22001On the complexity of computing minimum energy consuption bradcast subgraphsClementi, A. E. F.; Crescenzi, P.; Penna, P.; Rossi, G.; Vocca, Paola 
32008MomoseBoschi, S.; Crescenzi, P.; Di Ianni, M.; Rossi, G.; Vocca, Paola 
42008Making role assignment feasibleCrescenzi, P.; Greco, F.; Diianni, M.; Rossi, G.; Vocca, Paola 
52005Equilibria for Broadcast Range Assignment Games in Ad-Hoc NetworksCrescenzi, P.; Di Ianni, M.; Lazzoni, A.; Penna, P.; Rossi, G.; Vocca, Paola