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Tiezzi, Antonio
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12013Anti proliferative, antimicrobial and antioxidant activities of the chemical constituents of Ajuga turkestanica (Lamiaceae) from UzbekistanMamadalieva Nz; El-ready Mz; Ovidi, E.; Ashour Ml; Hamoud, R.; Sagdullaev Ss; Azimova Ss; Tiezzi, Antonio ; Wink, M.
22012Antiproliferative activity of Aloe arborescens leaf skin extracts tested on murine myeloma cellsCeccarelli Ovidi, D. E.; Triggiani, D.; Morelli Cf; Speranza, G.; Taddei Ar; Tiezzi, Antonio 
32013Antiproliferative activity of three lichen species belonging to the genus PeltigeraMunzi, S.; Triggiani, D.; Ceccarelli, D.; Climati, E.; Tiezzi, Antonio ; Loppi, S.
42015Antiproliferative activity of yatein isolated from Austrocedrus chilensis against murine myeloma cellsDonoso-fierro, C.; Silva, M.; Passarella, D.; Tiezzi, Antonio ; Ovidi, E.; Ceccarelli, D.; Triggiani, D.; Mastrogiovanni, F.; Taddei Ar; Prez, C.; Becerra, J.
52017Aromatic Medicinal Plants of the Lamiaceae Family from UzbekistanMamadalieva Nz; Akramov, D.; Ovidi, E.; Tiezzi, Antonio ; Nahar, L.; Azimova, S.; Sarker, S.
62013Biological control of tomato bacterial speck using Punica granatum fruit peel extractQuattrucci, A.; Ovidi, E.; Tiezzi, Antonio ; Vinciguerra, Vittorio ; Balestra, Giorgio Mariano 
72016Chemical composition and biological activities of Thymus seravschanicusMamadalieva Nz; Ovidi, E.; Vinciguerra, V.; Ashour Ml; Tiezzi, Antonio 
82014Ethnobotanical uses and Cytotoxic Activities of Native Plants from Lamiaceae Family in UzbekistanMamadalieva Nz; Mamedov Na; Craker Le; Tiezzi, Antonio 
92016GC-MS and q-NMR based chemotaxonomic evaluation of two Leonurus speciesMamadalieva Nz; Bobakulov Km; Vinciguerra, Vittorio ; Tiezzi, Antonio ; Abdullaev Nd; Nahar, L.; Azimova Ss; Sarker Sd; Sarker, Sd.
102015GLC-MS profiling of non polar extracts from Phlomis bucharica and P. salicifolia and their cytotoxicityMamadalieva Nz; Vinciguerra, V.; Sobeh, M.; Ovidi, E.; Ashour, M.; Wink, M.; Tiezzi, Antonio 
112013Identification and isolation of non-polar compounds from the chloroform extract of Scutellaria ramosissimaMamadalieva, N.; Vinciguerra, Vittorio ; Ovidi, E.; Tiezzi, Antonio 
122013In vitro biological activities of the components from Silene wallichianaMamadalieva, N.; Egamberdieva, D.; Tiezzi, Antonio 
132014Lipid fraction from Scutellaria ramosissima tested on the microtubular array of cancer cell modelsMamadalieva Nz; Ovidi, E.; Triggiani, D.; Yuldasheva Nk; Ulchenko Nt, ..; Glushenkova Ai; Tiezzi, Antonio 
142014Lipids of the aerial parts from Scutellaria ramosissimaYuldasheva Nk; Ulchenko Nt; Mamadalieva Nz; Glushenkova Ai; Ovidi, E.; Triggiani, D.; Egamberdieva, D.; Tiezzi, Antonio 
152013Medicinal Plants from Chatkal Biosphere Reserve used for folk Medicine in UzbekistanEgamberdieva, D.; Mamadalieva Nz; Khodjimatov, O.; Tiezzi, Antonio 
162013Methyl carnosate, an antibacterial diterpene isolated from Salvia officinalis leavesClimati, E.; Mastrogiovanni, F.; Valeri, M.; Salvini, L.; Bonechi, C.; Mamadalieva Nz; Egamberdieva, D.; Taddei Ar; Tiezzi, Antonio 
172017Natural products for human healthBernardini, S.; Tiezzi, Antonio ; Laghezza Masci, V.; Ovidi, E.
182017Phytochemical and Pharmacological Properties of Medicinal Plants from UzbekistanEgamberdieva, D.; Mamedov, N.; Ovidi, E.; Tiezzi, Antonio ; Craker, L.
192013S100b protects IMR-32 cells against Ab(1-42) induced neurotoxicity via modulation of apoptotic genes expressionClementi Me; Sampaolese, B.; Triggiani, D.; Tiezzi, Antonio ; Giardina, B.
202013Synthesis of substituted Thieno[2,3-d]Pyrimidin-4-ones and their testing for evaluation of cytotoxic activity on mammalian cell modelsBorozov Ka; Mamadalieva Nz; Elmuradov Bz; Triggiani, D.; Egamberdieva, D.; Tiezzi, Antonio ; Shakhidoyatov Km