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Tauro, Flavia
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Author:  Porfiri M.

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12018Measurements and Observations in the XXI century (MOXXI): innovation and multidisciplinarity to sense the hydrological cycleTauro, Flavia ; Selker J.; van de Giesen N.; Abrate T.; Uijlenhoet R.; Porfiri M.; Manfreda S.; Caylor K.; Moramarco T.; Benveniste J.; Ciraolo G.; Estes L.; Domeneghetti A.; Perks M.T.; Corbari C.; Rabiei E.; Ravazzani G.; Bogena H,; Harfouche Antoine; Brocca L.; Maltese A.; Wickert A.; Tarpanelli A.,; Good S.,; Lopez Alcala J.M.,; Petroselli, Andrea ; Cudennec C.,; Blume T.,; Hut R.,; Grimaldi, Salvatore 
22012Fluorescent particle tracers in surface hydrology: a proof of concept in a semi-natural hillslopeTauro, Flavia ; Grimaldi, Salvatore ; Petroselli, Andrea ; Rulli M.C.; Porfiri M.
32012Fluorescent particle tracers for surface flow measurements: a proof of concept in a natural streamTauro, Flavia ; Grimaldi, Salvatore ; Petroselli, Andrea ; Porfiri M.
42016A novel permanent gauge-cam station for surface flow observations on the Tiber riverTauro, Flavia ; Petroselli, Andrea ; Porfiri M.; Giandomenico L.; Bernardi G.; Mele F.; Spina D.; Grimaldi, Salvatore