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Tauro, Flavia
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12014Unraveling flow patterns through nonlinear manifold learningTauro, Flavia ; Grimaldi, Salvatore ; Porfiri, M.
22020UAV-DEMs for small-scale flood hazard mappingAnnis A.; Nardi F.; Petroselli, Andrea ; Apollonio Ciro; Arcangeletti E.; Tauro, Flavia ; Belli C.; Bianconi R.; Grimaldi, Salvatore 
32020UAV-DEMs for small-scale flood hazard mappingAnnis, Antonio; Nardi, Fernando; Petroselli, Andrea ; Apollonio, Ciro; Arcangeletti, Ettore; Tauro, Flavia ; Belli, Claudio; Bianconi, Roberto; Grimaldi, Salvatore 
42017UAV-based thermal imaging for high-throughput field phenotyping of black poplar response to droughtLudovisi, R.; Tauro, Flavia ; Salvati, R.; Khoury, S.; Scarascia Mugnozza, G.; Harfouche, Antonine 
52017UAV-Based Thermal Imaging for High-Throughput Field Phenotyping of Black Poplar Response to DroughtLudovisi, Riccardo; Tauro, Flavia ; Salvati, Riccardo ; Khoury, Sacha; Scarascia Mugnozza, Giuseppe ; Harfouche, Antoine
62020UAV-based LiDAR for high-throughput determination of plant height and above-ground biomass of the bioenergy grass Arundo donaxMaesano, Mauro; Khoury, Sacha; Nakhle, Farid; Firrincieli, Andrea; Gay, Alan; Tauro, Flavia ; Harfouche, Antoine
72012Tracing of shallow water flows through buoyant fluorescent particlesTauro, Flavia ; Pagano, C.; Porfiri, M.; Grimaldi, Salvatore 
82020Towards harmonisation of image velocimetry techniques for river surface velocity observationsPerks, Matthew T.; Dal Sasso, Silvano Fortunato; Hauet, Alexandre; Jamieson, Elizabeth; Le Coz, Jérôme; Pearce, Sophie; Peña-Haro, Salvador; Pizarro, Alonso; Strelnikova, Dariia; Tauro, Flavia ; Bomhof, James; Grimaldi, Salvatore ; Goulet, Alain; Hortobágyi, Borbála; Jodeau, Magali; Käfer, Sabine; Ljubičić, Robert; Maddock, Ian; Mayr, Peter; Paulus, Gernot; Pénard, Lionel; Sinclair, Leigh; Manfreda, Salvatore
92014A topological framework for flow characterization and identificationTauro, Flavia ; Grimaldi, Salvatore ; Porfiri, M.
102012Time of concentration: a paradox in modern hydrologyGrimaldi, S.; Petroselli, Andrea ; Tauro, Flavia ; Porfiri, M.
112020The Benefit of Continuous Modelling for Design Hydrograph Estimation in Small and Ungauged BasinsGrimaldi, Salvatore ; Petroselli, Andrea ; Piscopia R.; Tauro, Flavia 
122016Surface flows from images: ten days of observations from the Tiber River gauge-cam stationTauro, Flavia ; Salvatori, S.
132016Surface flow measurements from dronesTauro, Flavia ; Porfiri, M.; Grimaldi, Salvatore 
142011Studio preliminare di un tracciante innovativo con particelle fluorescenti per le misure di velocit su versanteGrimaldi, S.; Tauro, Flavia ; Petroselli, A.; Porfiri, M.
152012Studio preliminare di un tracciante con particelle fluorescenti per le misure di velocità superficialiGrimaldi, S.; Tauro, Flavia ; Porfiri, M.; Petroselli, Andrea ; Mocio, G.; Capocci, I.; Cipollari, G.; Rapiti, R.
162017Streamflow observations from cameras: large scale particle image velocimetry or particle tracking velocimetry?Tauro, Flavia ; Piscopia, R.; Grimaldi, S.
172018PTV-Stream: A simplified particle tracking velocimetry framework for stream surface flow monitoringTauro, Flavia ; Piscopia, R.; Grimaldi, S.
182019PTV-Stream: A simplified particle tracking velocimetry framework for stream surface flow monitoringTauro, Flavia ; Piscopia, Rodolfo; Grimaldi, Salvatore 
192016Particle tracers and image analysis for surface flow observationsTauro, Flavia 
202014Orienting the camera and firing lasers to enhance large scale particle image velocimetry for stream flow monitoringTauro, Flavia ; Porfiri, M.; Grimaldi, S.