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Tauro, Flavia
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12016Assessment of drone-based surface flow observationsTauro, Flavia ; Petroselli, Andrea ; Arcangeletti, E.
22012Assessment of fluorescent particles for surface flow analysisTauro, Flavia ; Mocio, G.; Rapiti, E.; Grimaldi, Salvatore ; Porfiri, M.
32017Cape Fear - a hybrid hillslope plot for monitoring hydrological processesTauro, Flavia ; Petroselli, A.; Fiori, A.; Romano, N.; Rulli Mc; Porfiri, M.; Palladino, M.; Grimaldi, S.
42017Cape Fear: monitoring basic hydrological processes in an outdoor hillslope plotPetroselli, Andrea ; Tauro, Flavia 
52010Characterization of buoyant fluorescent particles for field observations of water flowsTauro, Flavia ; Aureli, M.; Porfiri, M.; Grimaldi, S.
62013Characterization of Ecofriendly Fluorescent Nanoparticle-doped Tracers for Environmental SensingTauro, Flavia ; Rapiti, E.; Al Sharab , J. F.; Ubertini, L.; Grimaldi, S.; Porfiri, M.
72016Diatom percolation through soils: a proof of concept laboratory experimentTauro, Flavia ; Martnez-carreras, N.; Barnich, F.; Juilleret, J.; Wetzel , C. E.; Ector, L.; Hissler, C.; Pfister, L.
82018Field studies on the soil loss reduction effectiveness of three biodegradable geotextilesTauro, Flavia ; Cornelini, P.; Grimaldi, S.; Petroselli, A.
92016Flow monitoring with a camera: A case study on a flood event in the Tiber RiverTauro, Flavia ; Olivieri, G.; Petroselli, Andrea ; Porfiri, M.; Grimaldi, S.
102013Fluorescent Eco-Particles for Surface Flow Physics AnalysisTauro, Flavia ; Porfiri, M.; Grimaldi, Salvatore 
112012Fluorescent particle tracers for surface flow measurements: a proof of concept in a natural streamTauro, Flavia ; Grimaldi, S.; Petroselli, Andrea ; Porfiri, M.
122012Fluorescent particle tracers in surface hydrology: a proof of concept in a semi-natural hillslopeTauro, Flavia ; Grimaldi, S.; Petroselli, Andrea ; Rulli Mc; Porfiri, M.; Rulli , M. C.
132017Ice dices for monitoring stream surface velocityTauro, Flavia ; Grimaldi, Salvatore 
142017Integrating mechatronics in project-based learning of Malaysian high school students and teachersTauro, Flavia ; Cha, Y.; Rahim, F.; Rasul Ms; Osman, K.; Halim, L.; Dennisur, D.; Esner, B.; Porfiri, M.
152015Large scale particle image velocimetry from an unmanned aerial vehicleTauro, Flavia ; Pagano, C.; Phamduy, P.; Grimaldi, Salvatore ; Porfiri, M.
162018Measurements and Observations in the XXI century (MOXXI): innovation and multidisciplinarity to sense the hydrological cycleTauro, Flavia ; Benveniste, J.; Ciraolo, G.; Estes, L.; Domeneghetti, A.; Perks , M. T.; Corbari, C.; Rabiei, E.; Ravazzani, G.; Bogena, H.; Harfouche, A.; Selker, J.; Brocca, L.; Maltese, A.; Wickert, A.; Tarpanelli, A.; Good, S.; Lopez Alcala , J. M.; Petroselli, A.; Cudennec, C.; Blume, T.; Hut, R.; Van De Giesen, N.; Grimaldi, S.; Abrate, T.; Uijlenhoet, R.; Porfiri, M.; Manfreda, S.; Caylor, K.; Moramarco, T.
172016A novel permanent gauge-cam station for surface flow observations on the Tiber riverTauro, Flavia ; Petroselli, Andrea ; Porfiri, M.; Giandomenico, L.; Bernardi, G.; Mele, F.; Spina, D.; Grimaldi, S.
182018On the use of unmanned aerial systems for environmental monitoringManfreda, S.; Ciraolo, G.; Mllerov, J.; Tauro, Flavia ; De Lima , M. I.; De Lima , J. L. M. P.; Frances, F.; Caylor, K.; Kohv, M.; Maltese, A.; Perks, M.; Mccabe, M.; Ruiz-prez, G.; Su, Z.; Vico, G.; Toth, B.; Miller, P.; Lucas, R.; Madrigal , V. P.; Mallinis, G.; Ben Dor, E.; Helman, D.; Estes, L.
192018Optical sensing for stream flow observations: A reviewTauro, Flavia ; Petroselli, A.; Grimaldi, S.
202014Orienting the camera and firing lasers to enhance large scale particle image velocimetry for stream flow monitoringTauro, Flavia ; Porfiri, M.; Grimaldi, S.