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Severini, Simone
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12020The Role of the Common Agricultural Policy in Enhancing Farm Income: A Dynamic Panel Analysis Accounting for Farm Size in ItalyBiagini, Luigi; Antonioli, Federico; Severini, Simone 
22020Step-by-step development of a model simulating returns on farm from investments: the example of hazelnut plantation in ItalySpiegel, Alisa; Severini, Simone ; Britz, Wolfgang; Coletta, Attilio 
32020Risk Management and its Role in Enhancing Perceived Resilience Capacities of Farms and Farming Systems in EuropeSpiegel, Alisa; Soriano, Bárbara; Mey, Yann; Slijper, Thomas; Urquhart, Julie; Bardají, Isabel; Vigani, Mauro; Severini, Simone ; Meuwissen, Miranda
42012Modelling farmer participation to a revenue insurance scheme by the means of the Positive Mathematical ProgrammingCortignani, Raffaele ; Severini, Simone 
52019ItalyDono, Gabriele ; Severini, Simone ; Dell'Unto Davide; Cortignani, Raffaele 
62020How do stakeholders perceive the sustainability and resilience of EU farming systems?Reidsma, Pytrik; Meuwissen, Miranda; Accatino, Francesco; Appel, Franziska; Bardaji, Isabel; Coopmans, Isabeau; Gavrilescu, Camelia; Heinrich, Florian; Krupin, Vitaliy; Manevska‐Tasevska, Gordana; Peneva, Mariya; Rommel, Jens; Severini, Simone ; Soriano, Bárbara; Urquhart, Julie; Zawalińska, Katarzyna; Paas, Wim
72020Does an Income Gap between Farm and Nonfarm Households Still Exist? The Case of the European UnionRocchi, Benedetto; Marino, Maria; Severini, Simone 
82021Conditional income disparity between farm and non-farm households in the European Union: a longitudinal analysis.Marino Maria; Rocchi Benedetto; Severini, Simone 
92017Complying with greening practices in the new CAP direct paymentsCortignani, Raffaele ; Severini, Simone ; Dono, Gabriele 
102012A constrained optimization model based on generalized maximum entropy to assess the impact of reforming agricultural policy on the sustainability of irrigated areasCortignani, Raffaele ; Severini, Simone