30. Bashir M.A., Silvestri C., Coppa E., Brunori E., Cristofori V., Rugini E., Ahmad T., Hafiz I.A., Abbasi N.A., Nawaz Shah M.K., Astolfi S.,

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30. Bashir M.A., Silvestri C., Coppa E., Brunori E., Cristofori V., Rugini E., Ahmad T., Hafiz I.A., Abbasi N.A., Nawaz Shah M.K., Astolfi S.,
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12013Transcriptional and physiological changes in the S assimilation pathway due to single or combined S and Fe deprivation in durum wheat (Triticum durum Desf.) seedlingsCiaffi, M.; Paolacci, A. R.; Celletti, S.; Catarcione, G.; Kopriva, S.; Astolfi, Stefania 
22019The potential of two different Avena sativa L. cultivars to alleviate Cu toxicityMarastoni, Laura; Tauber, Philipp; Pii, Youry; Valentinuzzi, Fabio; Astolfi, Stefania ; Simoni, Andrea; Brunetto, Gustavo; Cesco, Stefano; Mimmo, Tanja
32017Terbuthylazine interferes with iron nutrition in maize (Zea mays) plantsBartucca Ml; Celletti, S.; Mimmo, T.; Cesco, S.; Astolfi, Stefania ; Del Buono, D.
42020Single and Combined Fe and S Deficiency Differentially Modulate Root Exudate Composition in Tomato: A Double Strategy for Fe Acquisition?Astolfi, Stefania ; Pii, Youry; Mimmo, Tanja; Lucini, Luigi; Miras-Moreno, Maria B; Coppa, Eleonora; Violino, Simona; Celletti, Silvia; Cesco, Stefano
52020Root-shoot-root Fe translocation in cucumber plants grown in a heterogeneous Fe provisionValentinuzzi, Fabio; Pii, Youry; Carlo, Porfido; Roberto, Terzano; Fontanella, Maria Chiara; Beone, Gian Maria; Astolfi, Stefania ; Mimmo, Tanja; Cesco, Stefano
62017Root physiological and transcriptional response to single and combined S and Fe deficiency in durum wheatZamboni, A.; Celletti, S.; Zenoni, S.; Astolfi, Stefania ; Varanini, Z.
72018Revisiting Fe/S interplay in tomatoCoppa, E.; Celletti, S.; Pii, Y.; Mimmo, T.; Cesco, S.; Astolfi, Stefania 
82012Response of barley plants to Fe deficiency and Cd contamination as affected by S starvationAstolfi, Stefania ; Zuchi, S.; Neumann, G.; Cesco, S.; Sanit Di Toppi, L.; Pinton, R.
92012Preliminary Investigation of LED Lighting as Growth Light for Seedlings from Different Tree Species in Growth ChambersAstolfi, Stefania ; Marianello, C.; Grego, S.; Bellarosa, R.
102020Preliminary evaluation of eggshells as a source of phosphate on hydroponically grown tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) seedlingsAstolfi, Stefania ; Caddeu, F.; Coppa, E.; Pii, Y.; Celletti, S.; Cesco, S.; Mimmo, T.
112020Physiological responses to fe deficiency in split-root tomato plants: Possible roles of auxin and ethylene?Celletti, Silvia; Pii, Youry; Valentinuzzi, Fabio; Tiziani, Raphael; Fontanella, Maria Chiara; Beone, Gian Maria; Mimmo, Tanja; Cesco, Stefano; Astolfi, Stefania 
122017Olive (Olea europaea L.) plants transgenic for tobacco osmotin gene are less sensitive to in vitro-induced drought stressSilvestri, Cristian ; Celletti, S.; Cristofori, Valerio ; Astolfi, Stefania ; Ruggiero, B.; Rugini, E.
132014Nitrate induction triggers different transcriptional changes in a high and a low nitrogen use efficiency maize inbred lineZamboni, A.; Astolfi, Stefania ; Zuchi, S.; Pii, Y.; Guardini, K.; Tononi, P.; Varanini, Z.
142018Mitochondria dysfunctions under Fe and S deficiency: is citric acid involved in the regulation of adaptive responses?Vigani, G.; Pii, Y.; Celletti, S.; Maver, M.; Mimmo, T.; Cesco, S.; Astolfi, Stefania 
152014Iron deprivation results in a rapid but not sustained increase of the expression of genes involved in iron metabolism and sulfate uptake in tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) seedlingsPaolacci Ar; Celletti, S.; Catarcione, G.; Hawkesford Mj; Astolfi, Stefania ; Ciaffi, Mario 
162015The interplay between sulfur and iron nutrition in tomatoZuchi, S.; Ciaffi, Mario ; Hoefgen, R.; Astolfi, Stefania ; Hubberten Hm; Fernie Ar; Paolacci Ar; Watanabe, M.; Hubberten, H. M.; Bromke, M.; Osorio, S.; Fernie, A. R.; Celletti, S.; Paolacci, A. R.; Catarcione, G.
172019Hydroponic Solutions for Soilless Production Systems: Issues and Opportunities in a Smart Agriculture PerspectiveSambo, Paolo; Nicoletto, Carlo; Giro, Andrea; Pii, Youry; Valentinuzzi, Fabio; Mimmo, Tanja; Lugli, Paolo; Orzes, Guido; Mazzetto, Fabrizio; Astolfi, Stefania ; Terzano, Roberto; Cesco, Stefano
182012High S supply improves Fe accumulation in durum wheat plants grown under Fe limitationZuchi, S.; Cesco, S.; Astolfi, Stefania 
192020Evaluation of a legume-derived protein hydrolysate to mitigate iron deficiency in plantsCelletti, Silvia; Astolfi, Stefania ; Guglielmo, Nicoletta; Colla, Giuseppe ; Cesco, Stefano; Mimmo, Tanja
202020Evaluating the potential use of Cu-contaminated soils for giant reed (Arundo donax, L.) cultivation as a biomass cropCoppa, Eleonora; Astolfi, Stefania ; Beni, Claudio; Carnevale, Monica; Colarossi, Davide; Gallucci, Francesco; Santangelo, Enrico