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Sanna, Nico
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Author:  Zazza Costantino

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12009UV-Vis Spectra of the Anticancer Campothecin Family Drugs in Aqueous SolutionSanna, Nico ; Desideri Alessandro; Chillemi Giovanni; Gontrani Lorenzo; Grandi Andrea; Mancini Giordano; Castelli Silvia; Zagotto Giuseppe; Zazza Costantino; Barone Vincenzo
22009Thermodynamic features and environmental effects in a two-states molecular device under strict electrochemical controlZazza Costantino; Mancini Giordano; Sanna, Nico ; Aschi Massimiliano
32007Theoretical study of alpha-84 phycocyanobilin chromophore from the thermophilic cyanobacterium Synechococcus elongatusZazza Costantino; Sanna, Nico ; Aschi Massimiliano
42008Theoretical modeling of enzyme reactionsZazza Costantino; Amadei Andrea; Palma Amedeo; Sanna, Nico ; Tatoli Simone; Aschi Massimiliano
52010Solvent Effects on the Valence UV-Vis Absorption Spectra of Topotecan Anticancer Drug in Aqueous Solution at Room TemperatureZazza Costantino; Coletta Andrea; Sanna, Nico ; Chillemi Giovanni; Mancini Giordano; Desideri Alessandro
62009The role of Arginine 38 in horseradish peroxidase enzyme revisitedTatoli Simone; Zazza Costantino; Sanna, Nico ; Palma Amedeo; Aschi Massimiliano
72010Photoabsorption spectra of a natural polyphenol compound for therapeutic applicationsZazza Costantino; Sanna, Nico 
82012Oxygen Adsorption on beta-Quartz Model Surfaces: Some Insights from Density Functional Theory Calculations and Semiclassical Time-Dependent DynamicsZazza Costantino; Rutigliano Maria; Sanna, Nico ; Barone Vincenzo; Cacciatore Mario
92010On the catalytic role of structural fluctuations in enzyme reactionsZazza Costantino; Palma Amedeo; Amadei Andrea; Sanna, Nico ; Tatoli Simone; Aschi Massimiliano
102012Neutral molecular shuttle in acetonitrile dilute solution investigated by molecular dynamics and density functional theoryZazza Costantino; Mancini Giordano; Brancato Giuseppe; Sanna, Nico ; Barone Vincenzo
112009In Silico Characterization of a Fourfold Magnesium Organometallic Compound in PTCDA Thin FilmsZazza Costantino; Sanna, Nico ; Palma Amedeo
122010A fast redox-induced switching mechanism in a conformationally controllable molecular thread in solutionZazza Costantino; Mancini Giordano; Amadei Andrea; Sanna, Nico ; Aschi Massimiliano
132011Dispersion energy effects on methane interaction within zeolite straight microporesZazza Costantino; Sanna, Nico ; Rutigliano Maria; Cacciatore Mario; Palma Amedeo
142011Conformational analysis and UV/Vis spectroscopic properties of a rotaxane-based molecular machine in acetonitrile dilute solutionMancini Giordano; Zazza Costantino; Aschi Massimiliano; Sanna, Nico 
152010Computational Study on Compound I Redox-Active Species in Horseradish Peroxydase EnzymeZazza Costantino; Palma Amedeo; Sanna, Nico ; Tatoli Simone; Aschi Massimiliano
162010Compound I in Horseradish Peroxidase EnzymeZazza Costantino; Sanna, Nico ; Tatoli Simone; Aschi Massimiliano; Palma Amedeo