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Sanna, Nico
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Author:  Barone, V.

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12003Toward a reliable computational support to the spectroscopic characterization of excited state intramolecular proton transferBarone, V.; Palma, A.; Sanna, Nico 
22009Oxygen Adsorption on beta-Cristobalite PolymorphRutigliano, M.; Zazza, C.; Sanna, Nico ; Pieretti, A.; Mancini, G.; Barone, V.; Cacciatore, M.
32005New hints on the pH-driven tautomeric equilibria of the topotecan anticancer drug in aqueous solutions from an integrated spectroscopic and quantum-mechanical approachSanna, Nico ; Chillemi, G.; Grandi, A.; Castelli, S.; Desideri, A.; Barone, V.
42006N atoms recombination on a silica surfaceRutigliano, M.; Pieretti, A.; Cacciatore, M.; Sanna, Nico ; Barone, V.
52008Il ruolo del calcolo scientifico nella ricerca sul cancroSanna, Nico ; Barone, V.; Desideri, A.; Chillemi, G.
62002Hydrogen and higher shell contributions in Zn2+, Ni2+, and Co2+ aqueous solutionsDangelo, P.; Barone, V.; Chillemi, G.; Sanna, Nico ; Meyer-klaucke, W.; Pavel Nv
72007Gaussian gridSanna, Nico ; Castrignano, T.; De Meo Donorio, P.; Carrabino, D.; Grandi, A.; Morelli, G.; Caruso, P.; Barone, V.
82005Experimental evidence for a variable first coordination shell of the cadmium(II) ion in aqueous, dimethyl sulfoxide, and N,N -dimethylpropyleneurea solutionDangelo, P.; Chillemi, G.; Barone, V.; Mancini, G.; Sanna, Nico ; Persson, I.
92002Development and validation of an integrated computational approach for the study of ionic species in solution by means of effective two-body potentials. The case of Zn2+, Ni2+, and Co2+ in aqueous solutionsChillemi, G.; Dangelo, P.; Pavel Nv; Sanna, Nico ; Barone, V.
102005Computational evidence for a variable first shell coordination of the cadmium(II) ion in aqueous solutionChillemi, G.; Barone, V.; Dangelo, P.; Mancini, G.; Persson, I.; Sanna, Nico 
112004Accurate vibrational spectra of large molecules by density functional computations beyond the harmonic approximationBarone, V.; Festa, G.; Grandi, A.; Rega, N.; Sanna, Nico