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Simeone, Marco Cosimo
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12012Validation of DNA barcoding as an efficient tool for taxon identication and detection of species diversity in Italian conifersArmenise, A.; Simeone, Marco Cosimo ; Piredda, R.; Schirone, B.
22017A tree species range in the face of climate changeVessella, F.; Lpez-tirado, J.; Simeone, Marco Cosimo ; Schirone, B.; Hidalgo Pj
32015Soft Kernel Durum Wheat - A New Bakery Ingredient?Morris Cf; Engleson Ja; Casper, J.; Kiszonas Am; Fuerst Ap; Murray, J.; Simeone, Marco Cosimo ; Lafiandra, Domenico ; Fuerst Ep
42018Resolving the taxonomic status of the mysterious Green oak (Quercus x viridis Trinajsti) from Croatia based on phylogenetic analysesTemunovic, M.; Franjic, J.; Vessella, F.; Simeone, Marco Cosimo 
52015Quercus suber range dynamics by ecological niche modellingVessella, F.; Simeone, Marco Cosimo ; Schirone, B.
62015Quercus suber distribution revisitedSchirone, B.; Spada, F.; Simeone, Marco Cosimo ; Vessella, F.
72012Preliminary data for phylogeographical inference on Mediterranean evergreen oaksSimeone, Marco Cosimo ; Cardoni, S.; Tordoni, E.; Vessella, F.; Piredda, R.
82016Plastome data reveal multiple geographic origins of Quercus Group IlexSimeone, Marco Cosimo ; Grimm Gw; Papini, A.; Vessella, F.; Cardoni, S.; Tordoni, E.; Piredda, R.; Franc, A.; Denk, T.
92017Phylogeographic structuring of plastome diversity in Mediterranean oaks (Quercus Group Ilex, Fagaceae)Vitelli, M.; Vessella, F.; Cardoni, S.; Pollegioni, P.; Denk, T.; Grimm Gw; Simeone, Marco Cosimo 
102015A phylogeny of the worlds oaksHipp, A. L.; Deng, M.; Grimm, G.; Fitzek, E.; Cronn Rc; Jennings, T. L.; Avishai, M.; Simeone, Marco Cosimo ; Manos, P.; Mcvay, J. D.; Cavender-bares, J.; Gonzalez-rodriguez, A.; Romero-severson, J.; Hahn, M.; Brown Bh; Budaitis, B.
112015Phenorhythms and forest refugiaSchirone, B.; Spada, F.; Piovesan, Gianluca ; Simeone, Marco Cosimo 
122013Non-transgenic soft textured tetraploid wheat plants having grain with soft textured endosperm, endosperm therefrom and uses thereofMorris, C. F.; Joppa, L. R.; Simeone, Marco Cosimo ; Lafiandra, D.
132017New insights into the Taxus baccata L. karyotype based on conventional and molecular cytogenetic analysesTomasino Mp; Gennaro, A.; Simeone, Marco Cosimo ; Schirone, B.; Ceoloni, Carla 
142018Morphological diversity and phylogeography of the Georgian durmast oak (Q. petraea subsp. iberica) and related Caucasian oak species in Georgia (South Caucasus)Ekhvaia, J.; Simeone, Marco Cosimo ; Silakadze, N.; Abdaladze, O.
152013Morphological and molecular data from Madeira support the persistence of an ancient lineage of Taxus baccata L. in Macaronesia and call for immediate conservation actionsVessella, F.; Simeone , M. C.; Fernandes , F. M.; Schirone, A.; Gomes , M. P.; Schirone, Bartolomeo ; Simeone, Marco Cosimo ; Fernandes Fm; Pires Gomes, M.
162014Landscape genetics and phylogeographic tools to investigate diversity patterns in Mediterranean sclerophyllous oaks (Quercus, Fagaceae)Vitelli, M.; Vessella, F.; Simeone, Marco Cosimo 
172013Insights into the Taxus baccata Karyotype Based on Conventional and Molecular Cytogenetic AnalysesTomasino Mp; Gennaro, A.; Simeone, Marco Cosimo ; Schirone, B.; Ceoloni, Carla 
182012Inferring the demographic history of Quercus cerris using chloroplast microsatellite markersBagnoli, F.; Tsuda, Y.; Fineschi, S.; Gonzalez-martinez, S.; Paule, L.; Simeone, Marco Cosimo ; Vendramin Gg
192017Estimating the genetic diversity and structure of Quercus trojana webb populations in Italy by SSRsCarabeo, M.; Mattioni, C.; Simeone, Marco Cosimo ; Cherubini, M.; Mattia, C.; Chiocchini, F.; Bertini, Laura ; Caruso, C.; La Mantia, T.; Villani, F.
202014DNA Barcoding of Italian Mayflies (Ephemeroptera)Cardoni, S.; Ficulle, I.; Tenchini, R.; Piredda, R.; Simeone, Marco Cosimo ; Belfiore, C.