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Scungio, Mauro
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12017Airborne particle emission of a commercial 3D printerStabile, L.; Scungio, Mauro ; Buonanno, G.; Arpino, F.; Ficco, G.
22017CFD simulations of power coefficients for an innovative Darrieus style vertical axis wind turbine with auxiliary straight bladesArpino, F.; Cortellessa, G.; Dellisola, M.; Scungio, Mauro ; Focanti, V.; Profili, M.; Rotondi
32017Characterization of particle emission from laser printersScungio, Mauro ; Vitanza Tania; Stabile Luca; Buonanno Giorgio; Morawska Lidia
42015Detached eddy simulation of turbulent flow in isolated street canyons of different aspect ratiosScungio, Mauro ; Arpino Fausto; Cortellessa Gino; Buonanno Giorgio
52015Influential parameters on ultrafine particle concentration downwind at waste-to-energy plantsScungio, Mauro ; Buonanno Giorgio; Arpino Fausto; Ficco Giorgio
62011Linfluenza del sistema di abbattimento fumi nella filtrazione delle polveri ultrafini negli inceneritoriBuonanno, G.; Scungio, Mauro ; Stabile, L.; Vigo, P.; Tirler, W.
72016Lung cancer risk assessment at receptor site of a waste-to-energy plantScungio, Mauro ; Buonanno, G.; Stabile, L.; Ficco, G.
82018Measurements of electronic cigarette-generated particles for the evaluation of lung cancer risk of active and passive usersScungio, Mauro ; Stabile, L.; Buonanno, G.
92013Numerical simulation of ultrafine particle dispersion in urban street canyons with the spalart-allmaras turbulence modelScungio, Mauro ; Arpino, F.; Stabile, L.; Buonanno, G.
102018Particle-related exposure, dose and lung cancer risk of primary school children in two European countriesPacitto Antonio; Sunyer, J.; Van Drooge , B. L.; Grimalt , J. O.; Sozzi, R.; Vigo, P.; Buonanno, G.; Stabile, L.; Viana, M.; Scungio, Mauro ; Reche, C.; Querol, X.; Alastuey, A.; Rivas, I.; Lvarez-pedrerol, M.
112016Simulations of aerosol filtration by vegetationNeft, I.; Scungio, Mauro ; Culver, N.; Singh, S.
122017Smokers lung cancer risk related to the cigarette-generated mainstream particlesStabile Luca; Buonanno Giorgio; Ficco Giorgio; Scungio, Mauro 
132017Tracheobronchial and Alveolar Particle Surface Area Doses in SmokersFuoco Fernanda Carmen; Stabile Luca; Buonanno Giorgio; Scungio, Mauro ; Manigrasso Maurizio; Frattolillo Andrea
142018Two-phase explicit CBS procedure for compressible viscous flow transport in porous materialsCortellessa, G.; Arpino, F.; Di Fraia, S.; Scungio, Mauro 
152012Ultrafine particle emission from incineratorsBuonanno, G.; Scungio, Mauro ; Stabile, L.; Tirler, W.
162016Wind tunnel testing of scaled models of a newly developed Darrieus-style vertical axis wind turbine with auxiliary straight bladesScungio, Mauro ; Arpino, F.; Focanti, V.; Profili, M.; Rotondi, M.