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Secondi, Luca
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12012Well-being and Quality of LifeBiggeri, L.; Laureti, T.; Secondi, Luca 
22009Unanalisi CGE dellimpatto del turismo sul sistema economico della SardegnaFerrari, G.; Laureti, T.; Secondi, Luca 
32010Un analisis CGE del Impacto del Turismo en el Sistema Economico de CerdenaFerrari, G.; Laureti, T.; Secondi, Luca 
42010Trends in the Italian Higher Education System since the University Reform of 1999Ancaiani, A.; Prato, F.; Secondi, Luca 
52018Towards Zero Waste: an Exploratory Study on Restaurant managersPrincipato, Ludovica; Pratesi, Carlo Alberto; Secondi, Luca 
62017Tourists Expenditure in Tuscany and Its Impact on the Regional Economic SystemFerrari, G.; Mondjar Jimnez, J.; Secondi, Luca 
72021The role of tourism in China’s economic system and growth. A Social Accounting Matrix (SAM) based analysisFerrari Guido; Mondéjar Jiménez José; Secondi, Luca 
82021The research productivity of universities. A multilevel and multidisciplinary analysis on European institutionsBonaccorsi, Andrea; Belingheri, Paola; Secondi, Luca 
92020The Impact of Unconventional Monetary Policies on the Stocks of Bank Deposits: Evidence at an Aggregate Level in the Euro AreaAgnese, Paolo; Capuano, Paolo; Secondi, Luca 
102022The Economic Perspective of Food Poverty and (In)security: An Analytical Approach to Measuring and Estimation in ItalyMarchetti, Stefano; Secondi, Luca 
112013Sviluppo di modelli innovativi per il monitoraggio multiscala degli indicatori di servizi ecosistemici nelle foreste Mediterranee (Progetto MIMOSE)Lombardi, F.; Maetzke, F.; Corona, P.; Marchetti, M.; Chirici, G.; Barbati, A.; Travaglini, D.; Lafortezza, R.; Cullotta, S.; La Mela Veca Ds; Secondi, Luca ; Pesola, L.
122020Supervising third-party control bodies for certification: the case of organic farming in ItalyAnnalisa Zezza; Federica Demaria; Laureti, Tiziana ; Secondi, Luca 
132014Sprechi alimentariLaureti, Tiziana ; Secondi, Luca ; Principato, L.
142022Special Issue - Food Loss and Waste Management during COVID-19: Exploring the Major Challenges and Future Directions along the Food Supply ChainSecondi, Luca ; Principato, Ludovica; Formentini, Marco
152014Small Area Estimates for Consumption Expenditure in ItalySecondi, Luca ; Marchetti, S.; Laureti, T.
162019Reusing Food Waste in Food Manufacturing Companies: The Case of the Tomato-Sauce Supply ChainSecondi, Luca ; Principato, Ludovica; Ruini, Luca; Guidi, Matteo
172019Reusing Food Waste in Food Manufacturing Companies: The Case of the Tomato-Sauce Supply ChainSecondi, Luca ; Principato, Ludovica; Ruini, Luca; Guidi, Matteo
182018Restorative urban forests: exploring the relationships between forest stand structure, perceived restorativeness and benefits gained by visitors to coastal Pinus pinea forestsTomao, Antonio; Secondi, Luca ; Carrus, Giuseppe; Corona, Piermaria ; Portoghesi, Lugi ; Agrimi, Mariagrazia 
192020A Regression-Adjustment Approach with Control-Function for Estimating Economic Benefits of Targeted Circular Economy Practices: Evidence from European Small and Medium EnterprisesSecondi, Luca 
202015Reducing food wastePrincipato, L.; Secondi, Luca ; Pratesi Ca