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Secondi, Luca
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12015Beer choice and consumption determinants when craft beers are tastedAquilani, Barbara ; Laureti, Tiziana ; Poponi, S.; Secondi, Luca 
22015Can Composite Indices Explain Multidimensionality of Tree Risk Assessment?Tomao, A.; Secondi, Luca ; Corona, Piermaria ; Giuliarelli, D.; Quatrini, V.; Agrimi, Mariagrazia 
32017CES and Translog parameter estimates in a SAM-based regional general equilibrium frameworkFerrari, G.; Secondi, Luca 
42012Determinants of Households space heating type and expenditures in ItalyLaureti, Tiziana ; Secondi, Luca 
52017The determinants of research performance in European universitiesBonaccorsi, A.; Secondi, Luca 
62011Eco-friendly attitudes What European Citizens Says and What they DoPirani, E.; Secondi, Luca 
72016Estimates of Household Consumption Expenditure at Provincial Level in Italy by Using Small Area Estimation MethodsMarchetti, S.; Secondi, Luca 
82016Exploring individuals well- being visiting urban and peri-urban green areasTomao, A.; Secondi, Luca ; Corona; P.; Carrus; G.; Agrimi; M.
92016Exploring the Italians food habits and tendency towards a sustainable dietBenedetti, I.; Biggeri, L.; Laureti, T.; Secondi, Luca 
102016Exploring the Italians food habits and tendency towards the Mediterranean dietLaureti, Tiziana ; Benedetti, I.; Secondi, Luca 
112016From the table to waste: an exploratory study on behaviour towards food waste of Spanish and Italian youthsMondjar-jimnez , J. A.; Ferrari, G.; Secondi, Luca ; Principato, L.
122015Household food waste behaviour in EU-27 countriesSecondi, Luca ; Principato, L.; Laureti, Tiziana 
132011Influence of Tourist Sector Structure on Motivations of Heritage TouristsSecondi, Luca ; Meseguar Santamaria, M. L.; Mondejar Jimenez, J.; Vargas Vargas, M.
142014Mapping by spatial predictors exploiting remotely sensed and ground dataCorona, Piermaria ; Fattorini, L.; Franceschi, S.; Chirici, G.; Maselli, F.; Secondi, Luca 
152014Measuring the efficiency of teaching activities in Italian universitiesLaureti, Tiziana ; Secondi, Luca ; Biggeri, L.
162014Participation and commitment in third-party research fundingBonaccorsi, A.; Secondi, Luca ; Setteducati, E.; Ancaiani, A.
172015Reducing food wastePrincipato, L.; Secondi, Luca ; Pratesi Ca
182017Tourists Expenditure in Tuscany and Its Impact on the Regional Economic SystemFerrari, G.; Mondjar Jimnez, J.; Secondi, Luca 
192012Well-being and Quality of LifeBiggeri, L.; Laureti, T.; Secondi, Luca