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Sabatti, Maurizio
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12022La vivaistica forestale in Italia al bivio: sfide e strategie.Mariotti B; Mezzalira G; Allasia E; Fazio F; Fiorentin R; Maltoni A; Marchetti M; Matteucci G; Mori P; Motta R; Piotti A; Rositi A; Sabatti, Maurizio ; Tognetti R; Salbitano F
22016Study of short-term plasticity in two contrasting genotypes of Populus nigra LRusso, G.; Sabatti, Maurizio ; De Angelis, Paolo 
32005Stomatal conductance and not stomatal density determines the long-term reduction in leaf transpiration of poplar in elevated CO2Tricker, P. J.; Taylor, G.; Trewin, H.; Kull, O.; Clarkson, G. J. J.; Eensalu, E.; Tallis, M. J.; Colella, A.; Doncaster, P.; Sabatti, Maurizio 
42007Single-reaction for SNP genotyping on agarose gel by allele-specific PCRGaudet, M.; Fara , A. G.; Sabatti, Maurizio ; Kuzminsky, Elena ; Scarascia Mugnozza, G.
52020A single gene underlies the dynamic evolution of poplar sex determinationMüller, Na; Mader, M.; Pakull, B.; Robinson, K.; Sabatti, Maurizio ; Vettori, C.; Ingvarsson, P.; Cronk, Q.; Street, N.; Fladung, M.; Kersten, B.; Leite, Montalvão Ap; Mähler, N.; Bernhardsson, C.; Bräutigam, K.; Carracedo Lorenzo, Z.; Hoenicka, H.; Kumar, V.
62006Response to elevated [CO2] of a short rotation, Multispecies Poplar PlantationScarascia Mugnozza, G.; Lukac, M.; Marek, M.; Miglietta, F.; Polle, A.; Raines, C.; Sabatti, Maurizio ; Anselmi, N.; Taylor, G.; Calfapietra, C.; Ceulemans, R.; Gielen, B.; Cotrufo Mf; De Angelis, P.; Godbold, D.; Hoosbeck, M.; Kull, O.
72009Relationships among productivity determinants in two hybrid poplar families grown during three years at two contrasting sitesDillen, S. Y.; Marron, N.; Sabatti, Maurizio ; Ceulemans, R.; Bastien, C.
82008QTL for yield in bioenergy PopulusRae, A. M.; Taylor, G.; Pinel, M. P.; Bastien, C.; Sabatti, Maurizio ; Street, N. R.; Tucker, J.; Dixon, C.; Marron, N.; Dillen, S.
92004POPLAR GERMPLASM RESOURCES IN SHORT ROTATION FORESTRYRicciotti, L.; Sabatti, Maurizio ; Kuzminsky, E.; Nardin, F.; Scarascia Mugnozza, G.
102006Plasticity of growth and sylleptic ramification in two poplar pedigrees grown in three contrasting sites across EuropeMarron, N.; Bastien, C.; Sabatti, Maurizio ; Taylor, G.; Ceulemans, R.
112010Plasticity of growth and biomass production of an intraspecific Populus alba family grown at three sites across Europe during three growing seasonsMarron, N.; Ceulemans, R.; Pinel, M. P. C.; Taylor, G.; Scarascia Mugnozza, G.; Sabatti, Maurizio ; Ricciotti, L.; Bastien, C.; Beritognolo, I.; Gaudet, M.; Paolucci, I.; Fabbrini, F.; Salani, F.; Dillen, S. Y.
122012Pioppo da biomassaParis, P.; Sabatti, Maurizio ; Mareschi, L.; Scarascia-mugnozza, G.
132016Physiology and genetic architecture of traits associated with cadmium tolerance and accumulation in Populus nigra LIori, V.; Sabatti, Maurizio ; Gaudet, M.; Fabbrini, F.; Pietrini, F.; Beritognolo, B.; Zaina, G.; Zacchini, M.; Scarascia Mugnozza, Giuseppe ; Massacci, A.
142011PHENOTYPIC PLASTICITY AND QTL MAPPING OF BUD SET PROCESS IN POPULUS NIGRAFabbrini, F.; Gaudet, M.; Harfouche, A.; Bastien, C.; Zaina, G.; Morgante, M.; Beritognolo, I.; Scarascia Mugnozza, G.; Sabatti, Maurizio 
152012Phenotipic plasticity, QTL mapping and genomic characterization of bud set in black poplarFabbrini, F.; Sabatti, Maurizio ; Gaudet, M.; Bastien, C.; Zaina, G.; Harfouche, A.; Beritognolo, I.; Marron, N.; Morgante, M.; Scarascia Mugnozza, G.
162021Perspectives on Populus spp. (Salicaceae) bud extracts as antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agentsPannucci, Elisa; D'Eliseo, Donatella; Ieri, Francesca; Romani, Annalisa; Santi, Luca; Bernini, Roberta ; Sabatti, Maurizio ; Velotti, Francesca Romana 
172012The obscure events contributing to the evolution of an incipient sex chromosome in Populus A retrospective working hypothesisTuskan, G. A.; Slavov, G.; Street, N.; Tschaplinski, T. J.; Yin, T.; Di Fazio, S.; Faivre-rampant, P.; Gaudet, M.; Harfouche, A.; Jorge, V.; Labbe, J. L.; Ranjan, P.; Sabatti, Maurizio 
182013A novel set of EST-SSR markers in TamarixTerzoli, S.; Cattan, E.; Sabatti, Maurizio ; Valentini, R.; Zilberstein, A.; Kuzminsky, E.
192015Nitrogen removal and its determinants in hybrid Populus clones for bioenergy plantations after two biennial rotations in two temperate sites in northern ItalyParis, P.; Mareschi, L.; Sabatti, Maurizio ; Tosi, L.; Scarascia Mugnozza, Giuseppe 
202017Near-infrared spectroscopy enables the genetic analysis of chemical properties in a large set of wood samples from Populus nigra (L.) natural populationsGebreselassie Mn; Fabbrini, F.; Sabatti, Maurizio ; Bastien, C.; Segura, V.; Adera, K.; Boizot, N.; Milliera, F.; Charpentier Jp; Alves, A.; Simes, R.; Rodrigues Jc; Bodineau, G.