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Sabatti, Maurizio
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12012Accelerating the domestication of forest trees in a changing worldHarfouche, Antonine ; Meilan, R.; Kirst, M.; Morgante, M.; Boerjan, W.; Sabatti; Scarascia Mugnozza, Giuseppe ; And Scarascia Mugnozza, G.; Sabatti, Maurizio 
22013Assessing and mapping biomass potential productivity from poplar-dominated riparian forestsCartisano, R.; Mattioli, W.; Corona, Piermaria ; Scarascia Mugnozza, G.; Sabatti, Maurizio ; Ferrari, B.; Cimini, D.; Giuliarelli, D.
32010Assessing genetic diversity of Tamarix spp. in three populations in Southern ItalyTerzoli, S.; Abbruzzese, G.; Beritognolo, I.; Sabatti, Maurizio ; Valentini, R.; Kuzminsky, Elena 
42001Assessment of geographic variation by RAPD markers among Italian open-pollinated progenies of Populus alba LSabatti, Maurizio ; Dovidio, R.; Tanzarella, O. A.; Scarascia Mugnozza, G. E.
51994AXIAL AND RADIAL WATER FLOW IN THE TRUNKS OF OAK TREESGranier, A.; Anfodillo, T.; Sabatti, Maurizio ; Cochard, H.; Dreyer, E.; Tomasi, M.; Valentini, R.; Breda, N.
62011Bud set in poplar genetic dissection of a complex trait in natural and hybrid populationsRohde, A.; Dillen, S.; Steenackers, M.; Sabatti, Maurizio ; Boerjan, W.; Bastien, C.; Storme, V.; Jorge, V.; Gaudet, M.; Vitacolonna, N.; Fabbrini, F.; Ruttink, T.; Zaina, G.; Marron, N.
72011Comparing hybrid Populus clones for SRF across northern Italy after two biennial rotationsParis, P.; Mareschi, L.; Sabatti, Maurizio ; Pisanelli, A.; Ecosse, A.; Nardin, F.; Scarascia Mugnozza, G.
82002Crown architecture of Populus spp. is differentially modified by free-air CO2 enrichment (POPFACE)Gielen, B.; Calfapietra, C.; Claus, A.; Sabatti, Maurizio ; Ceulemans, R.
92010Development of a novel set of EST-SSR markers and cross-species amplification in Tamarix africana (Tamaricaceae)Terzoli, S.; Beritognolo, I.; Sabatti, Maurizio ; Kuzminsky, Elena 
102004Development of molecular markers to assess the level of introgression of Populus tremula into P. alba natural populations. Plant BreedingFossati, T.; Patrignani, G.; Zapelli, I.; Sabatti, Maurizio ; Sala, F.; Castiglione, S.
112003Do above-ground growth dynamics of poplar change with time under CO2 enrichment?Calfapietra, C.; Gielen, B.; Sabatti, Maurizio ; De Angelis, Paolo ; Miglietta, F.; Scarascia Mugnozza, G.; Ceulemans, R.; Franco Miglietta; Scarascia-mugnozza, G.
122004An early-flowering genotype of PopulusMeilan, R.; Sabatti, Maurizio ; Caiping, M.; Kuzminsky, Elena ; Ma, C.
132007Effects of environment and progeny on biomass estimations of five hybrid poplar families grown at three contrasting sites across EuropeDillen, S. Y.; Ceulemans, R.; Marron, N.; Bastien, C.; Ricciotti, L.; Salani, F.; Sabatti, Maurizio ; Pinel, M. P.; Rae, A. M.; Taylor, G.
152014Evaluation of biomass production potential and heating value of hybrid poplar genotypes in a short-rotation culture in ItalySabatti, Maurizio ; Scarascia Mugnozza, Giuseppe ; Fabbrini, F.; Harfouche, Antonine ; Beritognolo, I.; Mareschi, L.; Carlini, M.; Paris Pl; Scarascia-mugnozza, G.; Paris, P.
162011Expression of Aux/IAA genes during development of sylleptic and proleptic buds in white poplarTerzoli, S.; Beritognolo, I.; Giovannelli, A.; Benelli, C.; Migliaccio, F.; Piconese, S.; Sabatti, Maurizio ; Kuzminsky, Elena ; Scarascia Mugnozza, G.
172007Functional characterisation of three Italian Populus alba L. genotypes under salinity stressBeritognolo, I.; Piazzai, M.; Benucci, S.; Kuzminsky, Elena ; Sabatti, Maurizio ; Scarascia Mugnozza, G.; Muleo, Rosario 
182014Genetic characterization of a Tamarix spp. germplasm collection in ItalyTerzoli, S.; Abbruzzese, G.; Beritognolo, I.; Sabatti, Maurizio ; Valentini, Riccardo ; Kuzminsky, Elena 
192010Genetic linkage maps of Populus alba L. and comparative mapping analysis of sex determination across Populus speciesPaolucci, I.; Gaudet, M.; Jorge, V.; Beritognolo, I.; Terzoli, S.; Kuzminsky, Elena ; Muleo, R.; Scarascia Mugnozza, G.; Sabatti, Maurizio 
202008Genetic linkage maps of Populus nigra L. including AFLPs, SSRs, SNPs, and sex traitGaudet, M.; Jorge, V.; Paolucci, I.; Beritognolo, I.; Scarascia Mugnozza, G.; Sabatti, Maurizio