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12007Vanillin production using metabolically engineered Escherichia coli under non-growing conditionsBarghini, Paolo; Di Gioia, Diana; Fava, Fabio; Ruzzi, Maurizio 
22017The Role of Polyphenoloxidase, Peroxidase, and -Glucosidase in Phenolics Accumulation in Olea europaea L. Fruits under Different Water RegimesCirilli, M.; Muleo, Rosario ; Caruso, G.; Gennai, C.; Urbani, S.; Frioni, E.; Ruzzi, Maurizio ; Servili, M.; Gucci, R.; Poerio, Elia 
32008Regulation of ferulic catabolic genes in Pseudomonas fluorescens BF13: involvement of a MarR family regulatorCalisti, Cecilia; Ficca, Anna Grazia; Barghini, Paolo; Ruzzi, Maurizio 
42017Raw and Heat-Treated MilkMelini, F.; Melini, V.; Luziatelli, Francesca ; Ruzzi, Maurizio 
52018Pre-fermentative cold maceration in the presence of non-Saccharomyces strainsBenucci, I.; Luziatelli, Francesca ; Cerreti, M.; Liburdi, K.; Nardi, T.; Vagnoli, P.; Ruzzi, Maurizio ; Esti, Marco ; Ruzzi, E.
62014Polyphenol traits, antimicrobial property and consumer preference of Italian Red Passion apple genotypes and cv AnnurcaCirilli, M.; Latini, G.; Ceccantoni, B.; Cristofori, V.; Zecchini, M.; Fioroni, E.; Luziatelli, Francesca ; Ruzzi, Maurizio ; Muleo, R.
72015Plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria act as biostimulants in horticultureRuzzi, Maurizio ; Aroca, R.
82008Optimization of capsaicin acylase production from Streptomyces mobaraensis in bench-top fermenterCrognale, Silvia; Barghini, Paolo; Di Matteo, Paola; Federici, Federico; Ruzzi, Maurizio 
92012Multi hydrolytic enzyme cocktail from the fungal isolate of Schizophyllum commune on pretreated Tamarix jordanis biomassLuziatelli, Francesca ; Crognale, Silvia ; Petruccioli, M.; Ruzzi, Maurizio 
102016Microbial terroir of red and white wines from TusciaLuziatelli, F.; Valentini, A.; Mencarelli, F.; Biasi, R.; Ruzzi, Maurizio 
112020Metabolites Secreted by a Plant-Growth-Promoting Pantoea agglomerans Strain Improved Rooting of Pyrus communis L. cv Dar Gazi CuttingsLuziatelli, Francesca ; Gatti, Lorenzo; Ficca, Anna Grazia ; Medori, Gabriele; Silvestri, Cristian ; Melini, Francesca; Muleo, Rosario ; Ruzzi, Maurizio 
122019Maximizing the Efficiency of Vanillin Production by Biocatalyst Enhancement and Process OptimizationLuziatelli, Francesca ; Brunetti, Lorenza; Ficca, Anna Grazia ; Ruzzi, Maurizio 
132014Involvement of a hypersensitive-like reaction in tolerance to fire blight in pear (Pyrus communis L.)Abdollahi, H.; Luziatelli, Francesca ; Cirilli, M.; Fioni, E.; Ruggini, E.; Ruzzi, Maurizio ; Muleo, Rosario ; Frioni, E.; Rugini, E.
142004In vitro system for studying the interaction between Erwinia amylovora and genotypes of pearAbdollahi, Hamid; Rugini, Eddo; Ruzzi, Maurizio ; Muleo, Rosario
152020Growth-promoting bacteria and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi differentially benefit tomato and corn depending upon the supplied form of phosphorusSaia, Sergio; Aissa, Echrak; Luziatelli, Francesca ; Ruzzi, Maurizio ; Colla, Giuseppe ; Ficca, Anna Grazia ; Cardarelli, Mariateresa; Rouphael, Youssef
162020Genome Sequencing of Pantoea agglomerans C1 Provides Insights into Molecular and Genetic Mechanisms of Plant Growth-Promotion and Tolerance to Heavy MetalsLuziatelli, Francesca ; Ficca, Anna Grazia ; Cardarelli, Mariateresa; Melini, Francesca; Cavalieri, Andrea; Ruzzi, Maurizio 
172020Functional Ingredients from Agri-Food Waste: Effect of Inclusion Thereof on Phenolic Compound Content and Bioaccessibility in Bakery ProductsMelini, Valentina; Melini, Francesca; Luziatelli, Francesca ; Ruzzi, Maurizio 
182014Ethanol production from xerophilic and salt-resistant Tamarix jordanis biomassSanti, G.; Petruccioli, M.; Moresi, M.; D'annibale, A.; Dannibale, A.; Eshel, A.; Zilberstein, A.; Crognale, Silvia ; Ruzzi, Maurizio ; Valentini, Riccardo ; Moresi; M.
192015Effects of fertilizers enriched with plant based extracts on plant growth and epiphytic bacterial population of lettuceLuziatelli, Francesca ; Colla, G.; Ficca, Anna Grazia ; Svecova, E.; Ruzzi, Maurizio 
202016Effects of a protein hydrolysate-based biostimulant and two micronutrient based fertilizers on plant growth and epiphytic bacterial population of lettuceLuziatelli, Francesca ; Ficca Ag; Colla, Giuseppe ; Svecova, E.; Ruzzi, Maurizio