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Rossi, Stefano
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12008Adaptations of glutamatergic synapses in the striatum contribute to recovery from cerebellar damageDiego Centonze; Giacomo Koch; Petrosini Laura; Rossi, Stefano ; De Bartolo Paola; Valentina De Chiara; Foti Francesca Irene; Alessandra Musella; Giorgia Mataluni; Stefano Rossi; Giorgio Bernardi
22017Analysis of Knee Strength Measurements Performed by a Hand-Held Multicomponent Dynamometer and Optoelectronic SystemAncillao, A.; Rossi, Stefano ; Cappa, P.
32017Automated displacement measurements on historical canvasesDel Sette, F.; Patane, F.; Rossi, Stefano ; Torre, M.; Cappa, P.
42010Centre of pressure in dynamic posturography: a comparison among systems based on a pressure matrix and a force platformRossi, Stefano ; Patane, F.; Scalise, L.; Marchionni, P.; Cappa, P.
52016Concurrent repeatability and reproducibility analyses of four marker placement protocols for the foot-ankle complexDi Marco, R.; Rossi, Stefano ; Racic, V.; Cappa, P.; Mazza, C.
62013Differences between children and adults in upper limb motor control during the execution of typical robotic rehabilitation tasksPacilli, A.; Germanotta, M.; Rossi, Stefano ; Petrarca, M.; Castelli, E.; Cappa, P.
72016Disability and Fatigue Can Be Objectively Measured in Multiple SclerosisMotta, C.; Palermo, E.; Studer, V.; Germanotta, M.; Germani, G.; Centonze, D.; Cappa, P.; Rossi, Stefano 
82007Effects of motor cortex rTMS on lower urinary tract dysfunction in multiple sclerosisCentonze, D.; Koch, G.; Miano, R.; Boffa, L.; Finazzi-agr, E.; Petta, F.; Versace, V.; Rossi, Stefano ; Torelli, F.; Prosperetti, C.; Marfia Ga; Bernardi, G.
92017Effects of the calibration procedure on the metrological performances of stereophotogrammetric systems for human movement analysisDi Marco, R.; Rossi, Stefano ; Castelli, E.; Patane, F.; Mazza, C.; Cappa, P.
102013Experimental assessment of the effect of magnetic distortion on mimu gait analysisPalermo, E.; Rossi, Stefano ; Patan, F.; Petrarca, M.; Castelli, E.; Cappa, P.
112014Experimental validation of a novel protocol for dystonia assessment using MIMU sensorsPalermo, E.; Rossi, Stefano ; Patan, F.; Petrarca, M.; Pisano, A.; Cantonetti, L.; Marras Ce; Castelli, E.; Cappa, P.
122016Gait Partitioning Methods: A Systematic ReviewTaborri Juri; Palermo Eduardo; Rossi, Stefano ; Cappa Paolo
132014Measure of stretch reflex spatial thresholds at the ankle in a patient with CP using the AnklebotGermanotta, M.; Petrarca, M.; Rossi, Stefano ; Colazza, A.; Castelli, E.; Cappa, P.
142014A new robotic exoskeleton for gait recoveryPetrarca, M.; Patan, F.; Rossi, Stefano ; Carniel, S.; Cappa, P.; Castelli
152014A Novel HMM Distributed Classifier for the Detection of Gait Phases by Means of a Wearable Inertial Sensor NetworkTaborri, J.; Rossi, Stefano ; Palermo, E.; Patane, F.; Cappa, P.
162014Quantification of age-related differences in reaching and circle-drawing using a robotic rehabilitation devicePacilli, A.; Germanotta, M.; Rossi, Stefano ; Cappa, P.
172017Quantification of postural stability in minimally disabled multiple sclerosis patients by means of dynamic posturographyGrassi, L.; Rossi, Stefano ; Studer, V.; Vasco, G.; Motta, C.; Patane, F.; Castelli, E.; Cappa, P.
182014Reaching tasks in an altered dynamic environmentGermanotta, M.; Petrarca, M.; Rossi, Stefano ; Carniel, S.; Castelli, E.; Cappa, P.
192007A redundant accelerometric cluster for the measurement of translational and angular acceleration and angular velocity of the headCappa, P.; Patane, F.; Rossi, Stefano 
202015Robot-Aided Neurorehabilitation: A Pediatric Robot for Ankle RehabilitationMichmizos Kp; Rossi, Stefano ; Castelli, E.; Cappa, P.; Krebs Hi