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Ripa, Maria Nicolina
Ripa, M. N.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12009Vulnerability and risk evaluation of agricultural nitrogen pollution for Hungary's main aquifer using DRASTIC and GLEAMS modelsLeone, A; Ripa, M. N. ; Uricchio, V; De├ík, J; Vargay, Z
22015Variations in land-use/land-cover changes (LULCCs) in a peri-urban Mediterranean nature reserveRecanatesi, Fabio ; Toll, M.; Ripa , M. N. ; Leone, A.
32013Un caso di pianificazione di agricoltura sostenibileCristofori, V. ; Paparatti, B.; Varvaro, Leonardo ; Silvestri, Cristian ; Alimento, V.; Recanatesi, F.; Ripa, N.; Leone, A.; Grego, S.; Marinari, S.; Fabi, Alfredo 
42020The Contribution of Remote Sensing and Silvicultural Treatments to the Assessment of Decline in an Oak Deciduous Forest: The Study Case of a Protected Area in Mediterranean EnvironmentRecanatesi, Fabio ; Piccinno, Matteo; Cucca, Benedetta; Rossi, Carlo Maria; Ripa, Maria Nicolina 
52015Sustainable rural development: the role of traditional activities in Central ItalyGobattoni, Federica; Pelorosso, Raffaele; Leone, Antonio ; Ripa, Maria Nicolina 
62009A statistical GIS-based analysis of wild boar (Sus scrofa) traffic collisions in a Mediterranean areaPrimi, Riccardo ; Pelorosso, R.; Ripa , M. N. ; Amici, A.
72019A Remote Sensing-Assisted Risk Rating Study to Monitor Pinewood Forest Decline: The Study Case of the Castelporziano State Nature Reserve (Rome)Recanatesi, Fabio ; Giuliani, Chiara; Rossi, Carlo Maria; Ripa , M. N. 
82008Phosphorus export from agricultural land: a simple approachLeone, A.; Ripa , M. N. ; Boccia, L.; Lo Porto, A.
92015Percezione e identit paesaggisticaGobattoni, F.; Pelorosso, R.; Ripa , M. N.; Leone, Antonio ; Ripa, Maria Nicolina 
102017NBS-BMPs planning for urban runoff controlRecanatesi, Fabio ; Giuliani, C.; Pelorosso, R.; Gobattoni, F.; Ripa , M. N. ; Rossi , C. M.; Leone, A.
112014Multi-temporal analysis of urban and peri-urban land use changes in medieval towns of central ItalyRonchi, Bruno ; Ripa, Maria Nicolina ; Amici, A.; Rossi Cm; Primi, Riccardo ; Biasi, Rita ; Rossi , C. M.; Ripa , M. N.; Rossi, C.
122018Monitoring Mediterranean Oak Decline in a Peri-Urban Protected Area Using the NDVI and Sentinel-2 Images: The Case Study of Castelporziano State Natural ReserveRecanatesi, Fabio ; Giuliani, Chiara; Ripa, Maria Nicolina 
132014Linking phosphorus export and hydrologic modelingPetroselli, A.; Leone, Antonio ; Ripa, Maria Nicolina ; Recanatesi, Fabio ; Ripa , M. N.
142014Lazio Region co financed research for a strategic planning of Vico Lake for a proper territorial environmental sustainabilityRecanatesi, Fabio ; Ripa , M. N. ; Leone, A.
152012Landscape development scenario analysis by PANDORA modelPelorosso, R.; Gobattoni, F.; Menconi Me; Vizzari, M.; Grohmann, D.; Ripa, Maria Nicolina ; Leone, Antonio 
162012Land-cover changes in areas of permanent conflictRecanatesi, F.; Filibeck, Goffredo ; Ripa, M. N. ; Vallino, F. C. O. 
172013Land use, climate and transport of nutrientsRecanatesi, Fabio ; Mn Ripa; Perini, L.; Salvati, L.; Leone, Antonio ; Ripa , M. N.; Ripa, Maria Nicolina 
182012Land Use and climate aggressiveness (R-USLE) in the evaluation of phosphorus export from non-point sources in the Lake Vico basin (CENTRAL ITALY)Recanatesi, Fabio ; Ripa , M. N. ; Leone, A.
192020An innovative environmental risk assessment approach to a Mediterranean coastal forest: The Presidential Estate of Castelporziano (Rome) case studyRecanatesi, Fabio ; Giuliani, Chiara; Piccinno, Matteo; Cucca, Benedetta; Rossi, Carlo Maria; Ripa , M. N. 
202018Green Payment and Perceived Rural Landscape Quality: A Cost-Benefit Analysis in Central ItalyCortignani, Raffaele ; Gobattoni, Federica; Pelorosso, Raffaele; Ripa, Maria Nicolina