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Rubino, Gianluca
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12016Abrasive Fluidized Bed (AFB) finishing of AlSi10Mg substrates manufactured by Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS)Atzeni, E.; Barletta; M.; Calignano, F.; Iuliano, L.; Rubino, Gianluca ; Tagliaferri, V.
22011Adhesion and wear resistance of CVD diamond coatings on laser treated WC-Co substratesBarletta, M.; Rubino, Gianluca ; Gisario, A.
32018Al2O3 coatings on magnesium alloy deposited by the fluidized bed (FB) techniqueRubino, Gianluca ; Trovalusci, F.; Barletta, M.; Fanelli, P.; Baiocco, G.; Tagliaferri, V.; Ucciardello, N.
42012Chemical vapor deposition of highly adherent diamond coatings onto co-cemented tungsten carbides irradiated by high power diode laserBarletta, M.; Rubino, Gianluca ; Valle, R.; Polini, R.
52011Co removal and phase transformations during high power diode laser irradiation of cemented carbideBarletta, M.; Rubino, Gianluca ; Gisario, A.
62014A comparative evaluation of fluidized bed assisted drag finishing and centrifugal disk dry finishingBarletta, M.; Gisario Venettacci, A.; S.; Rubino, Gianluca 
72014Design and manufacture of photoluminescent coatings on stainless steel substratesBarletta, M.; Rubino, Gianluca ; Tagliaferri, V.; Vesco, S.
82006Development of smooth finishes in electrostatic fluidized bed (EFB) coating process of high-performance thermoplastic powders (PPA 571 H)Barletta, M.; Gisario, A.; Guarino, S.; Rubino, Gianluca 
92015Drag finishing of sensitive workpieces with fluidized abrasivesBarletta, M.; Pietrobono, F.; Rubino, Gianluca ; Tagliaferri, V.
102006Electrostatic spray deposition (ESD) of self organizing TiO2-epoxy powder paintsBarletta, M.; Gisario, A.; Rubino, Gianluca 
112014Environmentally friendly wooden-based coatings for thermal insulationBarletta, M.; Guarino, S.; Rubino, Gianluca ; Trovalusci, F.; Tagliaferri, V.
122007Epoxy-based thermosetting powder coatingsBarletta, M.; Lusvarghi, L.; Pighetti Mantini, F.; Rubino, Gianluca 
132015Experimental investigation and modeling of fluidized bed assisted drag finishing according to the theory of localization of plastic deformation and energy absorptionBarletta, M.; Rubino, Gianluca ; Valentini; P. P. A.
142008Fast Regime-Fluidized Bed Maching (FR-FBM) of Atmospheric Plasma Spraying (APS) TiO2 coatingsBarletta, M.; Gisario, A.; Rubino, Gianluca ; Lusvarghi, L.; .guarino S.; Bolelli, G.
152008Fast Regime-Fluidized Bed Maching (FR-FBM) of thermally sprayed coatingsBarletta, M.; Rubino, Gianluca ; Lusvarghi, L.; Bollelli, G.
162014Functionalized polysiloxane coatings on hot-rolled and high-strength Fe 430 B steelBarletta, M.; Vesco, S.; Rubino, Gianluca ; Puopolo, M.; Venettacci, S.
172016Hard transparent coatings on thermoplastic polycarbonateBarletta, M.; Puopolo, M.; Rubino, Gianluca ; Tagliaferri, V.; Vesco, S.
182009Influence of scratch load and speed in scratch tests of bilayer powder coatingsBarletta, M.; Gisario, A.; Rubino, Gianluca ; Lusvarghi, L.
192015Introduction of glassy spheres in an acrylic matrix:a new solution for low pressure sanitaryware mouldsFortuna, A.; Fortuna, D. M.; Martini, E.; Tagliaferri, V.; Rubino, Gianluca 
202008On the combined use of scratch tests and CLA profilometry for the characterization of polyester powder coatingBarletta, M.; Gisario, A.; Rubino, Gianluca ; Lusvarghi, L.; Bolelli, G.