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Petruccioli, Maurizio
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12007Addition of allochthonous fungi to a historically contaminated soil affects both remediation efficiency and bacterial diversityFederici, E.; Leonardi, V.; Giubilei Ma; Quaratino, D.; Spaccapelo, R.; Dannibale, A.; Petruccioli, Maurizio ; Giubilei, M. A.
22012Addition of maize stalks and soybean oil to a historically PCB-contaminated soilFederici, E.; Giubilei Ma; Covino, S.; Zanaroli, G.; Fava, F.; Dannibale, A.; Petruccioli, Maurizio 
32018Aerobic growth of Rhodococcus aetherivorans BCP1 using selected naphthenic acids as the sole carbon and energy sourcesPresentato, A.; Fedi, S.; Steinbchel, A.; Turner Rj; Zannoni, D.; Cappelletti, M.; Sansone, A.; Ferreri, C.; Piacenza, E.; Demeter Ma; Crognale, S.; Petruccioli, Maurizio ; Milazzo, G.
42012Aerobic treatment of dairy wastewater in an industrial three-reactor plantTocchi, C.; Federici, E.; Fidati, L.; Manzi, R.; Vincigurerra, V.; Petruccioli, Maurizio 
52002Aerobic treatment of winery wastewater using a jet-loop activated sludge reactorPetruccioli, Maurizio ; Duarte, J. C.; Eusebio, A.; Federici, F.
62014Airborne fungi in biofuel wood chip storage sitesBarontini, M.; Crognale, Silvia ; Scarfone, A.; Gallo, P.; Gallucci, F.; Petruccioli, Maurizio ; Pesciaroli, L.; Pari, L.
72015Alternative storage systems of Arundo donax L. and characterization of the stored biomassPari, L.; M.; Barontini, M.; Scarfone, A.; Santangelo, E.; Figorilli, S.; Crognale, Silvia ; Petruccioli, Maurizio ; Suardi, A.; Gallucci, F.; Barontini
82002Ammonium fumarate production by free or immobilised Rhizopus arrhizus in bench- and laboratory-scale bioreactorsRiscaldati, E.; Moresi, M.; Federici, F.; Petruccioli, Maurizio 
91998Amygdalin degradation by Mucor circinelloides and Penicillium auriantiogriseumBrimer, L.; Cicalini, A. R.; Federici, F.; Petruccioli, Maurizio 
112017Arsenic-related microorganisms in groundwaterCrognale, S.; Amalfitano, S.; Casentini, B.; Fazi, S.; Petruccioli, Maurizio ; Rossetti, S.
122015Assessment of degradation potential of aliphatic hydrocarbons by autochthonous filamentous fungi from a historically polluted clay soilCovino, S.; Alessandro D‚äôannibale; Stazi, Silvia Rita ; Tomas Cajthaml; Monika Ƒåvanƒçarov√°; Tatiana Stella; Maurizio Petruccioli; Dannibale, A.; Cajthaml, T.; Vanarov, T.; Stella, T.; Petruccioli, Maurizio ; Vanarov, M.; Stefano Covino
132009Assessment of olive mill wastewater as a growth medium for lipase production by Candida cylindracea in bench-top reactorBrozzoli, V.; Crognale, Silvia ; Sampedro Federici, I. F.; Dannibale, A.; Petruccioli, Maurizio ; Sampedro, I.; Federici, F.
142005Assessment of the dyeing properties of pigments from Monascus purpureusDe Santis, D.; Moresi, M.; Gallo, A. M.; Petruccioli, Maurizio 
152004Beta-glucan production by Botryosphaeria rhodina in different bench-top bioreactorsSelbmann, Laura ; Crognale, S.; Petruccioli, Maurizio ; Crognale
162003Beta-glucan production by Botryospheria rhodina on undiluted olive-mill wastewatersCrognale, S.; Federici, F.; Petruccioli, Maurizio 
172012Bioaugmentation of a historically contaminated soil by polychlorinated biphenyls with Lentinus tigrinusFederici, E.; Giubilei Ma; Santi, G.; Zanaroli, G.; Negroni, A.; Fava, F.; Petruccioli, Maurizio ; Dannibale, A.
182007Bioavailability modification and fungal biodegradation of PAHs in aged industrial soilsLeonardi, V.; Sasek, V.; Petruccioli, Maurizio ; Dannibale, A.; Erbanova, P.; Cajthaml, T.
192018Bioconversion of agro-industrial waste into microbial oils by filamentous fungiCarota, C.; Crognale, S.; Dannibale, A.; Petruccioli, Maurizio 
202017Bioremediation of long-term PCB-contaminated soil by white-rot fungiStella, T.; Covino, S.; Vanarov, M.; Filipov, A.; Petruccioli, Maurizio ; Dannibale, A.; Cajthaml, T.; Cvancarova, M.; Filipova, A.