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Pasqualetti, Marcella
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12005An annotated list of macrofungi from Gargano areas (S-Italy)Ciccarone, C.; Pasqualetti, Marcella ; Tempesta, S.; Rambelli, A.
22004Comparative studies on microfungi in tropical ecosistems in Ivory Cost forest litter. Behaviour on different substrataRambelli, A.; Mulas, B.; Pasqualetti, Marcella 
32012Comparison of ectomycorrhizal communities in natural and cultivated Tuber melanosporum truffle groundsBelfiori, B.; Riccioni, C.; Tempesta, S.; Pasqualetti, Marcella ; Paolocci, F.; Rubini, A.
42006Convenient oxidation of alkylated phenol and methoxytoluenes to antifungal 1,4-benzoquinones with hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)/methyltriooxorhenium (CH3ReO3) catalytic system in neutral ionic liquidBernini, R.; Mincione, E.; Barontini, M.; Fabrizi, G.; Pasqualetti, Marcella ; Tempesta, S.
52013Crude cell-wall degrading enzymes, by the Antarctic fungus Lecanicillium muscarium CCFEE 5003, inhibits the Ochratoxin-A producer Aspergillus carbonarius on white and red grapesBarghini, P.; Esti, M.; Pasqualetti, Marcella ; Silvi, S.; Aquilanti, A.; Fenice, M.
61999Dactylaria asymmetrica, a new species of mitosporic fungi from Ivory Coast forest litterPasqualetti, Marcella ; Rambelli, A.
72016DNA-Based Taxonomy in Ecologically Versatile MicroalgaeMalavasi1, V.; Kaloud, P.; Rindi, F.; Tempesta, S.; Paoletti, M.; Pasqualetti, Marcella 
92012Effects of long-term heavy metal contamination on soil fungi in the Mediterranean areaPasqualetti, Marcella ; Bonaria Mulas, B.; Canzonetti, G.; Benedetti, A.; Tempesta, S.
102005Evolution of microfungal community on Chamaerops humilis leaf litter in a Sardinian Mediterranean maquisTempesta, S.; Mulas, B.; Pasqualetti, Marcella 
112002Gliomastix macrocylindrica, a micoparasyte of Beltrania rhombicaMulas, B.; Tempesta, S.; Pasqualetti, Marcella 
122011High spots for diversity of soil and litter microfungi in ItalyPersiani Am; Picco Am; Rambelli, A.; Rodolfi, M.; Solari, N.; Tempesta, S.; Tosi, S.; Del Frate, G.; Granito Vm; Guglielminetti, M.; Lunghini, D.; Maggi, O.; Mulas, B.; Pasqualetti, Marcella 
132005Identification key of Mediterranean maquis litter microfungiPasqualetti, Marcella ; Rambelli, A.; Mulas Tempesta, B. S.
142015Lutein Production by Coccomyxa sp. SCCA048 Isolated from a Heavy Metal-polluted River in Sardinia (Italy)Pasqualetti, Marcella ; Tempesta, S.; Malavasi, V.; Barghini, Paolo ; Fenice, Massimiliano ; Malavasi, V. 2.
152007Microfungal assemblage on Quercus ilex leaf litter in Tuscany, central ItalyZucconi, L.; Pasqualetti, Marcella 
162014Molecular and taxonomic characterization of a endophytic fungus isolated from Helleborus bocconei subsp. intermedius (Ranunculaceae)Spadaro, V.; Raimondo Fm; Pasqualetti, Marcella 
172010Morphological and molecular identification of a strain of the unicellular green alga Dunaliella sp. isolated from Tarquinia salternsTempesta, S.; Paoletti, M.; Pasqualetti, Marcella 
182008Obtaining new flavanones exhibiting antifungal activities by methyltrioxorhenium-catalyzed epoxidation-methanolysis of flavonesBernini, R.; Mincione, E.; Provenzano, G.; Fabrizi, G.; Tempesta, S.; Pasqualetti, Marcella 
192010Salinity and nitrate concentration on the growth and carotenoids accumulation in a strain of Dunaliella salina (Chlorophyta) cultivated under laboratory conditionsPasqualetti, Marcella ; Bernini, Roberta ; Carletti, L.; Crisante, F.; Tempesta, S.; Caretti, L.
202014Saprotrophic litter fungi in a Mediterranean ecosystemPasqualetti, Marcella ; Mulas, B.; Rambelli, A.; Tempesta, S.