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Piscopo, Vincenzo
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12016Sustainable yield of the carbonate aquifer of Lepini Mountains (central Italy)Gaf Rm; Conte, G.; Di Manna, P.; Martarelli, L.; Monti Gm; Piscopo, Vincenzo 
22012Sustainable yield of fractured rock aquifersDragoni, W.; Baiocchi, A.; Lotti, F.; Piscopo, Vincenzo 
32019Sustainable yield of a hydrothermal area: from theoretical concepts to the prectical approachPiscopo, Vincenzo ; Di Luca, S.; Dimasi, M.; Lotti, F.
42014Sustainable groundwater withdrawals in the geothermal area of Viterbo (Central Italy)Lotti, F.; Baiocchi, A.; Pagano, G.; Piscopo, Vincenzo 
52013Sustainable groundwater development in a naturally arsenic-comtaminated aquiferBaiocchi, A.; Coletta, A.; Espositi, L.; Lotti, F.; Piscopo, Vincenzo 
62022Sustainability Indicators of Groundwater Withdrawal in a Heavily Stressed System: The Case of the Acque Albule Basin (Rome, Italy)Piscopo, Vincenzo ; Sbarbati, Chiara ; Lotti, Francesca; Lana, Luigi; Petitta, Marco
72015The second edition of Flowpath, National Meeting on Hydrogeology, Viterbo, June 18-20, 2014Piscopo, Vincenzo 
82017Role of high-elevation groundwater flows in the hydrogeology of the Cimino volcano(centralItaly)and possibilities to capture drinking water in a geogenically contaminated environmentPiscopo, Vincenzo ; Armiento, G.; Baiocchi, A.; Mazzuoli, M.; Nardi, E.; Piacentini Sm; Proposito, M.; Spaziani, F.
92014The role of groundwater flows at high elevevation in drinking water supply in the Cimino-Vico volcanooes (Central Italy)Baiocchi, A.; Barbieri, M.; Battistel, M.; Lotti, F.; Madonna, S.; Piscopo, Vincenzo 
102016Reply to Comment on Impact of groundwater withdrawals on the interaction of multi-layered aquifers in the Viterbo geothermal area (central Italy)Baiocchi, A.; Lotti, F.; Piscopo, Vincenzo 
112020Relationship Between Aquifer Pumping Response and Quality of Water Extracted from Wells in an Active Hydrothermal System: The Case of the Island of Ischia (Southern Italy)Piscopo, Vincenzo ; Formica, F.; Lana, L.; Lotti, F.; Pianese, L.; Trifuoggi, M.
122020Relationship between aquifer pumping response and quality of water extracted from wells in an active hydrothermal system: The case of the island of Ischia (Southern Italy)Piscopo, Vincenzo ; Formica, Fulvio; Lana, Luigi; Lotti, Francesca; Pianese, Luigi; Trifuoggi, Marco
132014Pumping at constant head, what we can infer about the sustainable yield of a wellPiacentini Sm; Baiocchi, A.; Lotti, F.; Piscopo, Vincenzo 
142016The problem of arsenic in drinking water of volcanic areasBaiocchi, A.; Lotti, F.; Mazzuoli, M.; Piacentini Sm; Piscopo, Vincenzo ; Taviani, S.
152023Practical Approach for Defining the Sustainable Yield of Wells in Low-Permeability Fractured RocksPiscopo, Vincenzo ; Sbarbati, Chiara ; Dinagde, Tolosa Dabi; Lotti, Francesca
162020Perspectives of Using Lignin as Additive to Improve the Permeability of In-Situ Soils for Barrier Materials in LandfillsDi Matteo, L.; Bulletti, L.; Capecchi, E.; La Viola, A.; Piccinino, D.; Piscopo, Vincenzo 
172020Perspectives of using lignin as additive to improve the permeability of in-situ soils for barrier materials in landfillsDi Matteo, Lucio; Bulletti, Lorenzo; Capecchi, Eliana; Viola, Antonio La; Piccinino, Davide; Piscopo, Vincenzo 
182016Occurrence, management and protection of mineral and thermal waters in some volcanic areas of ItalyLotti, F.; Baiocchi, A.; Piscopo, Vincenzo ; Summa, G.; Formica, F.; Pianese, L.
192015Occurrence and flow of groundwater in crystalline rocks of Sardinia and Calabria (Italy)Piscopo, Vincenzo ; Baiocchi, A.; Lotti, F.
202015A multi-scale approach in hydraulic characterization of a metamorphic aquiferBaiocchi, A.; Dragoni, W.; Lotti, F.; Piacentini Sm; Piscopo, Vincenzo