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Proietti, Silvia
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12014Xanthomonas campestris lipooligosaccharides trigger innate immunity and oxidative burst in ArabidopsisProietti, Silvia ; Giangrande, C.; Amoresano, A.; Pucci, P.; Molinaro, A.; Bertini, Laura ; Caporale; Caruso, Carla ; Caporale, C.
22021What antarctic plants can tell us about climate changes: Temperature as a driver for metabolic reprogrammingBertini, Laura ; Cozzolino, Flora; Proietti, Silvia ; Falconieri, Gaia Salvatore; Iacobucci, Ilaria; Salvia, Rosanna; Falabella, Patrizia; Monti, Maria; Caruso, Carla 
32013Update on crosstalk between salicylic acid and jasmonate in defence signallingProietti, Silvia ; Bertini, Laura ; Timperio Am; Caporale; Caruso, C.; Caporale, C.
42016Transcriptome dynamics of Arabidopsis during sequential biotic and abiotic stressesCoolen, S.; Prins, M.; Van Loon Jja; Aarts Mgm; Dicke, M.; Pieterse Cmj; Van Wees Scm; Proietti, Silvia ; Hickman, R.; Davila Olivas Nh; Huang Pp; Van Verk Mc; Van Pelt Ja; Wittenberg Ahj; De Vos, M.
52010Therapeutic potential of plant bioactive moleculesBertini, Laura ; Proietti, Silvia ; Caporale, C.; Mondello, F.; Cassone; Caruso, C.; Cassone, A.
62016Suppression Subtractive Hybridization analysis provides new insights into the tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) response to the plant probiotic microorganism Trichoderma longibrachiatum MK1De Palma, Monica; D'Agostino, Nunzio; Proietti, Silvia ; Bertini, Laura ; Lorito, Matteo; Ruocco, Michelina; Caruso, Carla ; Chiusano, Maria L.; Tucci, Marina
72009Structural basis of the antifungal activity of wheat PR4 proteinsBertini, Laura ; Caporale, C.; Testa, M.; Proietti; Caruso, C.; Proietti, Silvia 
82018Root transcriptional dynamics induced by beneficial rhizobacteria and microbial immune elicitors reveal signatures of adaptation to mutualistsStringlis Ia; Proietti, Silvia ; Hickman, R.; Van Verk Mc; Zamioudis, C.; Pieterse Cmj
92019Proteomic Analysis of MeJa-Induced Defense Responses in Rice against WoundingBertini, Laura ; Palazzi, L.; Proietti, Silvia ; Pollastri, S.; Arrigoni, G.; Polverino De Laureto, P.; Caruso, Carla 
102012PR4 protein from ArabidopsisProietti, Silvia ; Bertini, Laura ; Aleandri Mp; Caporale; Caruso, C.; Mondello, F.; Girolamo, A.; Cassone, A.; Caporale, C.
112022Plant defense: ARR11 response regulator as a potential player in ArabidopsisFalconieri, Gaia Salvatore; Bertini, Laura ; Bizzarri, Elisabetta; Proietti, Silvia ; Caruso, Carla 
122019Physiological response of Posidonia oceanica to heavy metal pollution along the Tyrrhenian coastBertini, Laura ; Focaracci, F.; Proietti, Silvia ; Papetti, P.; Caruso, C.
132012New insight on the modular structure of HEL protein from Arabidopsis and characterization of its functional domainsBertini, L.; Proietti, Silvia ; Aleandri Mp; Mondello, F.; Sandini, S.; Caporale, C.; Caruso, C.
142009Molecular characterization of a wheat protein induced by vernalisationBertini, Laura ; Proietti, Silvia ; Caporale, C.; Caruso, C.
152013Molecular analysis of PR genes activation by treatment with Vitex Agnus-Castus extract and Phythium ultimum inoculation in tomatoVecov, E.; Proietti, Silvia ; Caruso, C.; Colla, G.; Crin, P.
162020Modulation of the Root Microbiome by Plant Molecules: The Basis for Targeted Disease Suppression and Plant Growth PromotionPascale, A.; Proietti, Silvia ; Pantelides, I. S.; Stringlis, I. A.
172020Induced tolerance to abiotic and biotic stresses of broccoli and Arabidopsis after treatment with elicitor moleculesVenegas-molina, J.; Proietti, Silvia ; Pollier, J.; Orozco-freire, W.; Ramirez-villacis, D.; Leon-reyes, A.
182020In silico analysis of metatranscriptomic data from the Antarctic vascular plant Colobanthus quitensis: Responses to a global warming scenario through changes in fungal gene expression levelsBallesteros, Gi; Torres-díaz, C.; Bravo, La; Balboa, K.; Caruso, C.; Bertini, Laura ; Proietti, Silvia ; Molina-montenegro, Ma
192021Identification and validation of new reference genes for accurate quantitative reverse transcriptase‑PCR normalization in the Antarctic plant Colobanthus quitensis under abiotic stress conditions.Bertini, Laura ; Proietti, Silvia ; Focaracci Francesca; Canini Fabiana; Bravo Leon Aloys; Rabert Claudia; Caruso, Carla 
202019GLYI4 Plays A Role in Methylglyoxal Detoxification and Jasmonate-Mediated Stress Responses in Arabidopsis thalianaProietti, Silvia ; Falconieri, Gaia Salvatore; Bertini, Laura ; Baccelli, Ivan; Paccosi, Elena; Belardo, Antonio; Timperio, Anna Maria; Caruso, Carla