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Poerio, Elia
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11975Affinity column purification of amylases on protein inhibitors from wheat kernelBuonocore, V.; Poerio, Elia ; Gramenzi, F.; Silano, V.
21994The Amino Acid Sequence and Reactive Site of Single-Headed Trypsin Inhibitor from Wheat EndospermPoerio, Elia ; Caporale, C.; Carrano, L.; Caruso, C.; Vacca Buonocore, F. V.
31993The Amino Acid Sequence of a Protein from Wheat Kernel Closely Related to Proteins Involved in the Mechanisms of Plant DefenceCaruso, C.; Caporale, C.; Poerio, Elia ; Facchiano, A.; Buonocore, V.
41991Assignment of the five disulfide bridges in an -amylase inhibitor from wheat kernel by fast atom bombardment mass spectrometry and Edman degradationPoerio, Elia ; Caporale, C.; Carrano, L.; Pucci, P.; Buonocore, V.
52011A Bowman-Birk inhibitor with anti-elastase activity from Lathyrus sativum L. seedsRocco, M.; Malorni, L.; Chambery, A.; Poerio, Elia ; Parente, A.; Di Maro, A.
62005cDNA cloning and heterologous expression of a wheat proteinase inhibitor of subtilisin and chymotrypsin (WSCI) that interferes with digestive enzymes of insect pestsDi Gennaro, S.; Ficca , A. G.; Panichi, D.; Poerio, Elia 
71984Characterization of chicken pancreas -amylase isozymes and interaction with protein inhibitors from wheat kernelBuonocore, V.; Giardina, P.; Parlamenti, R.; Poerio, Elia ; Silano, V.
81980A comparison of potato and vertebrate lactate dehydrogenasesPoerio, Elia ; Davies , D. D.
91994Comparison of Thermodynamic and Kinetic Effects between the Leu32-Norvaline and Leu35-Norvaline Substitutions of the Three-fragment Complex of Cytochrome cPicur, B.; Lisowsky, M.; Taniuchi, H.; Poerio, Elia 
101993A computer program to determine the amino acid sequence of proteins by utilizing data obtained from peptide mixturesCaporale, C.; Caruso, C.; Petrilli, P.; Sepe, C.; Poerio, Elia ; Buonocore, V.
112014Cytotoxic activity of chimeric protein PD-L4UWSCI does not appear be affected by specificity of inhibition mediated by anti-protease WSCI domainSgambati, V.; Pizzo, E.; Mezzacapo , M. C.; Di Giuseppe , A. M. A.; Landi, N.; Poerio, Elia ; Di Maro, A.
121991Determination of the primary structure of an alpha-amylase inhibitor from wheat kernel by Edman degradation and fast atom bombardment mass spectrometryCaporale, C.; Carrano, L.; Nitti, G.; Poerio, Elia ; Pucci, P.; Buonocore, V.
131989An effective purification procedure of amylase and trypsin inhibitors from wheat flourCarrano, L.; Nitti, G.; Buonocore, V.; Caporale, C.; Poerio, Elia 
142012Enhanced cytotoxic activity of a bifunctional chimeric protein containing a type 1 ribosome-inactivating protein and a serine protease inhibitorTamburino, R.; Pizzo, E.; Sarcinelli, C.; Poerio, Elia ; Tedeschi, F.; Ficca, Anna Grazia ; Parente, A.; Di Maro, A.; Ficca , A. G.
151987Fattori antinutrizionali di natura proteica in mangimi composti integratiDe Biasi , M. G.; Buonocore, V.; Poerio, Elia ; Bonomi, A.; Quarantelli, A.; Sabbiani, A.
162019Fish-derived antimicrobial peptides: Activity of a chionodracine mutant against bacterial models and human bacterial pathogeBuonocore, F.; Bresciani, A.; Gennari, N.; Taddei , A. R.; Fausto , A. M.; Scapigliati, G.; Picchietti, S.; Porcelli, F.; Della Pelle, G.; Olivieri, C.; Poerio, Elia ; Bugli, F.; Menchinelli, G.; Sanguinetti, M.
171984Glucose metabolism in the extreme thermoacidophilic archaebacterium Sulfolobus solfataricusDe Rosa, M.; Gambacorta, A.; Nicolaus, B.; Giardina, P.; Poerio, Elia ; Buonocore, V.
182010High cytotoxic activity of a bifunctional chimeric protein containing a ribosoma inactivating protein (RIP) and a serine protease inhibitor (WSCI)Tamburino, R.; Pizzo, E.; Di Maro, A.; Tedeschi, F.; Ficca , A. G.; Poerio, Elia 
191980Immobilized bacterial cells containing a thermostable -galactosidaseDe Rosa, M.; Gambacorta, A.; Nicolaus, B.; Buonocore, V.; Poerio, Elia 
201997Influence of L-galactonic acid -lactone on ascorbate production in some yeastsOnofri, S.; Poerio, Elia ; Serangeli, P.; Tosi, S.; Garuccio Arrigoni, I. O.