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Porcelli, Fernando
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12009Pseudo-Enzymatic dealkylation of alkyltins by biological dithiolsTriggiani, D.; Veglia, G.; Porcelli, Fernando 
22006Effect of non-covalent interactions on redox-active tyrosine residues in designed beta hairpin polypeptidesSibert Rs; Porcelli, Fernando ; Veglia, G.; Barry Ba
32017Conformational landscape of the protein kinase A Inhibitor PKI studied by fluorescence and NMR spectroscopyOlivieri, C.; Li, G.; Kim, J.; Porcelli, Fernando ; Neibergall, M.; Muretta Jm; Thomas Dd; Taylor Ss; Veglia, G.
42021Antimicrobial peptides: an insight on their efficacy against major viral and bacterial fish pathogensLuana Cortinovis; Romy Lucon Xiccato; Eleonora Fiocchi; Rosita Quartesan; Jane Budai; Francesco Montesi; Anna Toffan; Tobia Pretto; Porcelli, Fernando ; Buonocore, Francesco