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Porcelli, Fernando
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Author:  Mazzei, F.

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11992Plant Tissue Electrode for the detremination of Ascorbic AcidLorenti, G.; Mazzei, F.; Polati, P.; Porcelli, Fernando ; Botr, F.; Vinci, G.
21995Plant Tissue Electrode for the Determination of AtrazineMazzei, F.; Botr, F.; Lorenti, G.; Simonetti, G.; Porcelli, Fernando ; Scibona, G.; Botr, C.
31993Plant Tissue Biosensors for the Determination of Biogenic Diamines and of their Amino Acid PrecursorsBotr, F.; Botr, C.; Lorenti, G.; Mazzei, F.; Porcelli, Fernando ; Scibona, G.
41992Plant Metabolism as an Analytical ToolMazzei, F.; Botr, F.; Lanzi, M.; Lorenti, G.; Porcelli, Fernando ; Botr, C.
51996Peroxidase Based Amperometric Sensor for the Determination af GABAMazzei, F.; Botre, F.; Lorenti, G.; Porcelli, Fernando 
61996A Kinetic Analysis of gamma-Aminobutyrate Aminotransferase in Presence and Absence of InhibitorsPorcelli, Fernando ; Scibona, G.; Botre, F.; Lorenti, G.; Mazzei, F.; Botre, C.
71993Determination of L-Glutamate and L-Glutamine in Pharmaceutical Formulations by Amperometric L-Glutamate Oxidase Based Enzyme SensorsBotr, F.; Botr, C.; Lorenti, G.; Mazzei, F.; Porcelli, Fernando ; Scibona, G.
81992Determination of Glutamic Acid Decarboxylase Activity and Inhibition by an H2O2-sensing Glutamic Acidi Oxidase BiosensorBotr, C.; Botr, F.; Galli, M.; Lorenti, G.; Mazzei, F.; Porcelli, Fernando 
91994Cholinesterase Based Bioreactor for the Determination of PesticidesBotr, F.; Lorenti, G.; Mazzei, F.; Simonetti, G.; Porcelli, Fernando ; Botr, C.; Scibona, G.