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Papale, Dario
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12012Wind as a main driver of the net ecosystem carbon balance of a semiarid Mediterranean steppe in the South East of SpainRey, A.; Belelli Marchesini, L.; Were, A.; Serrano Ortiz, P.; Etiope, G.; Papale, Dario ; Domingo, F.; Pegoraro, E.
22013Use of change-point detection for frictionvelocity threshold evaluation in eddy-covariance studiesBarr, A. G.; Gu, L.; Law, B. E.; Margolis, H. A.; Mccaughey, J. H.; Munger, J. W.; Oechel, W.; Schaeffer, K.; Richardson, A. D.; Hollinger, D. Y.; Papale, Dario ; Arain, M. A.; Black, T. A.; Bohrer, G.; Dragoni, D.; Fischer, M. L.
32015Uncertainty analysis of gross primary production upscaling using Random Forests, remote sensing and eddy covariance dataTramontana, G.; Ichii, K.; Camps-valls, G.; Tomelleri, E.; Papale, Dario 
42019Tree height in tropical forest as measured by different ground, proximal, and remote sensing instruments, and impacts on above ground biomass estimatesVaglio Laurin, Gaia; Ding, Jianqi; Disney, Mathias; Bartholomeus, Harm; Herold, Martin; Papale, Dario ; Valentini, Riccardo 
52011Towards a transnational system of supersites for forest monitoring and research in Europe - an overview on present state and future recommendationsFischer, R.; Mikkelsen Tn; Mirtl, M.; Ztrk, Y.; Papale, Dario ; Potocic, N.; Simpson, D.; Tuovinen L-p; Vesala, T.; Wieser, G.; Paoletti, E.; Aas, W.; De Vries, W.; Clarke, N.; Cudlin, P.; Leaver, D.; Lundin, L.; Matteucci, G.; Matyssek, R.
62006Towards a standardized processing of Net Ecosystem Exchange measured with eddy covariance techniquePapale, Dario ; Vesala, T.; Yakir, D.; Reichstein, M.; Aubinet, M.; Canfora, E.; Bernhofer, C.; Longdoz, B.; Kutsch, W.; Rambal, S.; Valentini, R.
72009Toward a consistency cross-check of eddy covariance fluxbased and biometric estimates of ecosystem carbon balanceLuyssaert, S.; Kutsch , W. L.; Linder, S.; Matteucci, G.; Moors, E.; Munger , J. W.; Pilegaard, K.; Saunders, M.; Falge , E. M.; Reichstein, M.; Schulze -d, E.; Janssens , I. A.; Law , B. E.; Papale, Dario ; Dragoni, D.; Goulden , M. L.; Granier, A.
82010Terrestrial Gross Carbon Dioxide Uptake: Global Distribution and Covariation with ClimateBeer, C.; Bonan , G. B.; Bondeau, A.; Cescatti, A.; Lasslop, G.; Lindroth, A.; Lomas, M.; Luyssaert, S.; Margolis, H.; Oleson , K. W.; Roupsard, O.; Reichstein, M.; Veenendaal, E.; Viovy, N.; Williams, C.; Woodward , F. I.; Papale, Dario ; Tomelleri, E.; Ciais, P.; Jung, M.; Carvalhais, N.; Rdenbeck, C.; Arain , M. A.; Baldocchi, D.
92011Temporal variability of the NPP-GPP ratio at seasonal and interannual time scales in a temperate beech forestCampioli, M.; Gielen, B.; Gockede, M.; Papale, Dario ; Bouriaud, O.; Granier, A.
102009Temporal and among-site variability of inherent water use efficiency at the ecosystem levelBeer, C.; Frank, D.; Gianelle, D.; Janssens , I. A.; Knohl, A.; Kstner, B.; Moors, E.; Roupsard, O.; Verbeeck, H.; Vesala, T.; Williams , C. A.; Ciais, P.; Wohlfahrt, G.; Reichstein, M.; Baldocchi, D.; Law , B. E.; Papale, Dario ; Soussana -f, J.; Ammann, C.; Buchmann, N.
112005Temperature sensitivity of decomposition in relation to soil organic matter poolsReichstein, M.; Katterer, T.; Andren, O.; Ciais, P.; Schulze -d, E.; Cramer, W.; Papale, Dario ; Valentini, R.
122005Supporto informativo del telerilevamento per il monitoraggio e la valutazione funzionale dei rimboschimenti come mezzi di lotta alla desertificazionePapale, Dario ; Barbati, Anna 
132006Stima del bilancio del carbonio su scala regionaleGrego, S.; Di Tizio, A.; Papale, Dario 
142008Statistical properties of random CO2 flux measurement uncertainty inferred from model residualsRichardson, A. D.; Churkina, G.; Kruijt, B.; Hollinger, D. Y.; Mahecha, M. D.; Falge, E.; Kattge, J.; Moffat, A. M.; Papale, Dario ; Reichstein, M.; Stauch, V. J.; Braswell, B. H.
152012State-dependent errors in a land surface model across biomes inferred from eddy covariance observations on multiple timescalesWang, T.; Arain, A.; Bohrer, G.; Cescatti, A.; Kiely, G.; Law , B. E.; Lutz, M.; Montagnani, L.; Moors, E.; Osborne, B.; Panferov, O.; Brender, P.; Papale, Dario ; Vaccari, F. P.; Ciais, P.; Piao, S.; Mahecha, M.; Chevallier, F.; Reichstein, M.; Ottl, C.; Maignan, F.
162015Spatiotemporal patterns of terrestrial gross primary productionAnav, A.; Peylin, P.; Piao, S.; Sitch, S.; Viovy, N.; Wiltshire, A.; Zhao, M.; Friedlingstein, P.; Beer, C.; Ciais, P.; Harper, A.; Jones, C.; Murray-tortarolo, G.; Papale, Dario ; Parazoo, N. C.
172003Spatial and temporal assessment of biospheric carbon fluxes at continental scale by neural network optimizationPapale, Dario ; Valentini, R.
182011Soil carbon dynamics in a Mediterranean forest during the Kyoto Protocol commitment periodsChiti, Tommaso ; Certini, G.; Perugini, L.; Mastrolonardo, G.; Valentini, R.; Papale, Dario 
192013Simulation of grassland productivity by the combination of ground and satellite dataMaselli, F.; Argenti, G.; Chiesi, M.; Angeli, L.; Papale, Dario 
202010Separation of net ecosystem exchange into assimilation and respiration using a light response curve approachLasslop, G.; Reichstein, M.; Papale, Dario ; Richardson, A. D.; Arneth, A.; Barr, A.; Stoy, P.; Wohlfahrt, G.