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Pelosi, Claudia
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Subject:  CHIM/01-AGR/06-ING-IND/22

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12019The diagnostic investigation through minimal sampling for religious artworks knowledge: some case studiesPelosi, Claudia ; Balletti, Federica; Agresti, G. ; Lo Monaco, Angela 
22020Influence of thermal treatment on selected properties of chestnut wood and full range of its visual featuresLo Monaco, Angela ; Pelosi, Claudia ; Agresti, G. ; Picchio, Rodolfo ; Rubino, Gianluca 
32021A Multi-Technique Approach to Evaluate the Surface Properties of Heat-Treated Chestnut Wood Finished with a Water-Based CoatingPelosi, Claudia ; Rubino, Gianluca ; Capobianco, G. ; Lanteri, L. ; Agresti, G. ; Bonifazi, G. ; Serranti, S. ; Picchio, Rodolfo ; Lo Monaco, Angela