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Pelosi, Claudia
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Author:  Lanteri, L.

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12021Surface and Interface Investigation of a 15th Century Wall Painting Using Multispectral Imaging and Pulse‐Compression Infrared ThermographyRicci, M; Laureti, S; Malekmohammadi, H; Sfarra, S; Lanteri, L. ; Colantonio, Claudia ; Calabrò, Giuseppe ; Pelosi, Claudia 
22022Imaging Diagnostics Coupled with Non-Invasive and Micro-Invasive Analyses for the Restoration of Ethnographic Artifacts from French PolynesiaColantonio, Claudia; Lanteri, L. ; Ciccola, Alessadro; Serafini, Ilaria; Postorino, Paolo; Censorii, Erminia; Rotari, Doinita; Pelosi, Claudia