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Picchio, Rodolfo
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12012Wood anatomy and technological properties of an endangered speciesCaetano Ferreira, R.; Lo Monaco, Angela ; Picchio, A.; Schirone, A.; Vessella, F.; Schirone, B.; Ferreira , R. C.; Picchio, Rodolfo 
22015Technical properties of beech wood from aged coppices in central ItalyLo Monaco, A.; Calienno, L.; Pelosi, C.; Balletti, F.; Agresti, G.; Picchio, Rodolfo 
32015Sustainability assessment of a self-consumption wood-energy chain on small scale for heat generation in central ItalyVerani, S.; Sperandio, G.; Picchio, Rodolfo ; Marchi, E.; Costa, C.
42013Surface investigation of photo-degraded wood by colour monitoring, infrared spectroscopy and hyperspectral imagingAgresti, G.; Bonifazi, G.; Calienno, L.; Capobianco, G.; Lo Monaco, Angela ; Pelosi, Claudia ; Picchio, Rodolfo ; Serranti, S.
52012Stump grinding on a poplar plantationPicchio, Rodolfo ; Verani, S.; Sperandio, G.; Spina, R.; Marchi, E.
62018Study of Forest Road Effect on Tree Community and Stand Structure in Three Italian and Iranian Temperate ForestsPicchio, Rodolfo ; Tavankar, F.; Venanzi, R.; Lo Monaco, A.; Nikooy, M.
72016Study of consolidating materials applied on wood by hyperspectral imagingBonifazi, G.; Serranti, S.; Capobianco, G.; Agresti, G.; Calienno, L.; Picchio, Rodolfo ; Lo Monaco, Angela ; Santamaria, U.; Pelosi, Claudia 
82018Strip clear-cutting application and logging typologies for renaturalization of pine afforestation-A case studyPicchio, Rodolfo ; Mercurio, R.; Venanzi, R.; Gratani, L.; Giallonardo, T.; Lo Monaco, A.; Frattaroli , A. R.
92013Skidding operations in thinning and shelterwood cut of mixed stands - work productivity, energy inputs and emissionsVusi, D.; Unjar, M.; Marchi, E.; Spina, R.; Zei, Z.; Picchio, Rodolfo 
102016Silvicultural and logging impact on soil characteristics in Chestnut (Castanea sativa Mill.) Mediterranean coppiceVenanzi, R.; Picchio, Rodolfo ; Piovesan, Gianluca 
112017Protective behaviour monitoring on wood photo-degradation by spectroscopic techniques coupled with chemometricsCapobianco, G.; Lo Monaco, Angela ; Bonifazi; G.; Monaco Al; Calienno, L.; Pelosi, Claudia ; Scacchi, M.; Bonifazi, G.; Agresti, G.; Picchio, Rodolfo ; Santamaria, U.; Serranti, S.
122013Productivity and energy consumption in logging operation in a Cameroonian tropical forestMaesano, M.; Picchio, Rodolfo ; Lo Monaco, Angela ; Neri, F.; Lasserre, B.; Marchetti, M.
132012Productivity and energy balance of motor manual harvesting in UgandaBalimunsi, H.; Grigolato, S.; Picchio, Rodolfo ; Nyombi, K.; Cavalli, R.
142018Production of selected short rotation wood crop species and quality of obtained biomassCivitarese, V.; Faugno, S.; Picchio, Rodolfo ; Assirelli, A.; Sperandio, G.; Saulino, L.; Crimaldi, M.; Sannino, M.
152017A new approach for the modelling of chestnut wood photo-degradation monitored by different spectroscopic techniquesBonifazig; L.; Calienno, L.; Capobianco, G.; Lo Monaco, Angela ; Pelosi, Claudia ; Picchio, Rodolfo ; Serranti, S.; Bonifazi, G.; Calienno
162014Modelling colour and chemical changes on beech wood with or without red heartwoodCalienno, L.; Lo Monaco, A.; Pelosi, C.; Picchio, Rodolfo 
172015Modeling color and chemical changes on normal and red heart beech wood by reflectance spectrophotometry, Fourier Transform Infrared spectroscopy and hyperspectral imagingBonifazi, G.; Calienno, L.; Capobianco, G.; Lo Monaco, Angela ; Pelosi, C.; Picchio, Rodolfo ; Serranti, S.
182012Mechanized harvesting of eucalypt coppice for biomass production using high mechanization levelPicchio, Rodolfo ; Sirna, A.; Sperandio, G.; Spina, R.; Verani, S.
192012Machinery-induced soil compaction in thinning of conifer standsPicchio, Rodolfo ; Neri, F.; Petrini, E.; Verani, S.; Marchi, E.; Certini, G.
202017Long-term effects of single-tree selection cutting management on coarse woody debris in natural mixed beech stands in the Caspian forest (Iran)Tavankar, F.; Nikooy, M.; Picchio, Rodolfo ; Venanzi, R.; Lo Monaco, Angela