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Nascetti, Giuseppe
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12013Widespread Occurrence of Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis in Contemporary and Historical Samples of the Endangered Bombina pachypus along the Italian PeninsulaCanestrelli, Daniele ; Zampiglia, M.; Nascetti, Giuseppe 
22014What triggers the rising of an intraspecific biodiversity hotspot? Hints from the agile frogCanestrelli, Daniele ; Bisconti, R.; Sacco, F.; Nascetti, Giuseppe 
32012The use of Aphanius fasciatus as sentinel organism to detect complex genotoxic mixtures in coastal lagoon ecosystemsMosesso, P.; Bellacimaa, R.; N Jhac, A.; Angeletti, Dario ; Pepe, G.; Pretti, C.; Nascetti, Giuseppe ; Bellacima, R.; Cimmaruta Awadesh Jha, R. . A.; Cimmaruta, Roberta ; Awadesh Jha, A.
42013Thirty years of artificial syntopy between Hydromantes italicus and H. ambrosii ambrosii (Amphibia, Plethodontidae)Cimmaruta, Roberta ; Forti, G.; Lucente, D.; Nascetti, Giuseppe 
52012The use of cyprinodont fish, Aphanius fasciatus, as a sentinel organism to detect complex genotoxic mixtures in the coastal lagoon ecosystemMosesso Pasquale ; Angeletti, Dario ; Pepe, Gaetano; Pretti, Carlo; Nascetti, Giuseppe ; Bellacima, Raffaela; Cimmaruta, Roberta ; Jha, Awadhesh N
62013Terrestrial gastropods (Helix spp) as sentinels of primary DNA damage for biomonitoring purposes a validation studyAngeletti, D.; Sebbio, C.; Carere, C.; Cimmaruta, R.; Nascetti, Giuseppe ; Pepe, G.; Mosesso, P.
72015Temporal stability of parasite distribution and genetic variability values of Contracaecum osculatum sp. D and C. osculatum sp. E (Nematoda Anisakidae) from fish of the Ross Sea (Antarctica)Mattiucci, S.; Cipriani, P.; Paoletti, M.; Nardi, V.; Santoro Bellisario, M. B.; Nascetti, Giuseppe 
82016The tangled evolutionary legacies of range expansion and hybridizationCanestrelli, Daniele ; Porretta, D.; Lowe, W.; Bisconti, R.; Carere, C.; Nascetti, Giuseppe 
92018Species-specific Real Time-PCR primers/probe systems to identify fish parasites of the genera Anisakis, Pseudoterranova and Hysterothylacium (Nematoda Ascaridoidea)Paoletti, M.; Mattiucci, S.; Colantoni, A.; Levsen, A.; Gay, M.; Nascetti, Giuseppe 
102016Species composition and infection dynamics of ascaridoid nematodes in Barents Sea capelin (Mallotus villosus) reflecting trophic position of fish hostLevsen, A.; Paoletti, M.; Cipriani, P.; Nascetti, Giuseppe ; Mattiucci, S.
112015Speciation history and widespread introgression in the European short-call tree frogs (Hyla arborea sensu lato, H. intermedia and H. sarda)Gvoždík, V.; García-París, M.; Kotlík, P.; Canestrelli, Daniele ; García-París, M.; Moravec, J.; Nascetti, Giuseppe ; Recuero, E.; Teixeira, J.; Kotlík, P.; Gvoždík, V.
122016Spatial and temporal variation of coastal mainland vs. insular amphipod assemblages on Posidonia oceanica meadowsBellisario, B.; Camisa, F.; Nascetti, Giuseppe ; Lattanzi, L.; Cimmaruta, Roberta 
132017The role of habitat choice in micro-evolutionary dynamics. An experimental study on the Mediterranean killifish Aphanius fasciatus (Cyprinodontidae)Angeletti, D.; Sebbio, C.; Carlini, A.; Strinati, C.; Nascetti, Giuseppe ; Carere, C.; Cimmaruta, R.
142012Rhabdias esculentarum n. sp. (Nematoda Rhabdiasidae) from green frogs of the Rana esculenta species complex in Italy: molecular evidence, morphological description and genetic differentiation from its congeners in frogs and toadsCipriani, P.; Mattiucci, S.; Paoletti, M.; Santoro, M.; Nascetti, Giuseppe 
152017Reviewing biodiversity and epidemiological aspects of anisakid nematodes from the North-east Atlantic OceanMattiucci, S.; Cipriani, P.; Paoletti, M.; Levsen, A.; Nascetti, Giuseppe 
162017Quaternary history, population genetic structure and diversity of the cold-adapted Alpine newt Ichthyosaura alpestris in peninsular ItalyChiocchio, A.; Bisconti, R.; Zampiglia, M.; Nascetti, Giuseppe ; Canestrelli, Daniele 
172018Population genetic structure of the parasite Anisakis simplex (s. s.) collected in Clupea harengus L. from North East Atlantic fishing groundsMattiucci, S.; Pierce Gj; Nascetti, Giuseppe ; Giulietti, L.; Paoletti, M.; Cipriani, P.; Gay, M.; Levsen, A.; Klapper, R.; Karl, H.; Bao, M.
182015Persistence, isolation and diversification of a naturally fragmented species in local refugia. The case of hydromantes strinatiiCimmaruta, R.; Lucente, D.; Nascetti, Giuseppe 
192013Parasitic infection by larval helminths in Antarctic fish pathological changes and impact on the host body condition indexSantoro, M.; Mattiucci, S.; Work, T.; Cimmaruta, R.; Nardi, V.; Cipriani, P.; Bellisario, B.; Nascetti, Giuseppe 
202014Parasite communities of icefish (Chionodraco hamatus) in the Ross Sea (Antarctica). Influence of the host sex on the helminth infracommunity structureSantoro, M.; Mattiucci, S.; Cipriani, P.; Bellisario, B.; Romanelli, F.; Cimmaruta, R.; Nascetti, Giuseppe