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Mosesso, Pasquale
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412010Relationship between chromatin structure, DNA damage and repair following X-irradiation of human lymphocytesMosesso, Pasquale ; Fabrizio Palitti; Gaetano Pepe; Joaquin Piero; Raffaella Bellacima; Gunnar Ahnstrom; Adayapalam Natarajan, T.
422009A selective de-O-methylation of guaiacyl lignans to corresponding catechol derivatives by 2-iodoxybenzoic acid (IBX). The role of the catechol moiety on the toxicity of lignans. Org Biomol Chem. 2009 Jun 7;7(11):2367-77. Epub 2009 Apr 3Bernini, R.; Barontini, M.; Mosesso, Pasquale ; Pepe, G.; Willfr Sm; Sjholm Re; Eklund Pc; Saladino, R.
432015Synthesis and antioxidant activity of DOPA peptidomimetics by a novel IBX mediated aromatic oxidative functionalizationBizzarri Bm; Pieri, C.; Botta, G.; Arabuli, L.; Mosesso, Pasquale ; Cinelli, S.; Schinoppi, A.; Saladino, Raffaele 
442017Synthesis of nano- and microstructures from proanthocyanidins, tannic acid and epigallocatechin-3-O-gallate for active deliveryBartzoka Ed; Lange, H.; Mosesso, Pasquale ; Crestini, C.
452013Terrestrial gastropods (Helix spp) as sentinels of primary DNA damage for biomonitoring purposesAngeletti, Dario ; Sebbio, C.; Carere, Claudio ; Cimmaruta, Roberta ; Nascetti, G.; Pepe, G.; Mosesso, Pasquale 
462013Terrestrial gastropods (Helix spp) as sentinels of primary DNA damage for biomonitoring purposes: A validation studyAngeletti, D.; Sebbio, C.; Carere, C.; Cimmaruta, R.; Nascetti, G.; Pepe, G.; Mosesso, Pasquale 
472014Ultrasound driven assembly of lignin into microcapsules for storage and delivery of hydrophobic moleculesTortora, M.; Cavalieri, F.; Mosesso, Pasquale ; Ciaffardini, F.; Melone, F.; Crestini, C.
482012The use of cyprinodont fish, Aphanius fasciatus, as a sentinel organism to detect complex genotoxic mixtures in the coastal lagoon ecosystemMosesso, Pasquale ; Angeletti, D.; Pepe, G.; Pretti, C.; Nascetti, G.; Bellacima, R.; Cimmaruta, R.; Jha An
491996The Use of In Vitro Systems for Evaluating HaematotoxicityGribaldo, R.; Pessina, A.; San Roman, J.; Schoeters, G.; Bueren, J.; Deldar, R.; Hokland, P.; Meredith, C.; Moneta, D.; Mosesso, Pasquale ; Parchment, R.; Parent-massim, D.
502014Utility of B-13 Progenitor-Derived Hepatocytes in Hepatotoxicity and Genotoxicity StudiesProbert Pm; Chung Gw; Cockell Sj; Agius, L.; Mosesso, Pasquale ; White Sa; Oakley, F.; Brown Cd; Wright, Mc.
512000Werners sindrome lymphoblastoid cells are hypersensitive to topoisomerase II inhibitors in the G2 phase of the cell cyclePichierri, P.; Franchitto, A.; Mosesso, Pasquale ; Proietti De Santis, L.; Balajee As; Palitti, F.
522000Werners syndrome cell lines are hypersensitive to camptothecin-induced chromosomal damagePichierri, P.; Franchitto, A.; Mosesso, Pasquale ; Palitti, F.
532001Werners syndrome protein is required for correct recovery after replication arrest and DNA damage induced in S-phase of cell cyclePichierri, P.; Franchitto, A.; Mosesso, Pasquale ; Palitti, F.
542001X-rays-induced chromosome aberrations in human lymphocytes in vitro are potentiated under simulated microgravity conditions (Clinostat)Mosesso, Pasquale ; Schuber, M.; Seibt, D.; Schmitz, C.; Fiore, M.; Schinoppi, A.; Penna, S.; Palitti, F.