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Mosesso, Pasquale
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
212012Furan CarcinogenicityMosesso, Pasquale ; Carolin Neuwirth; Gaetano Pepe; Mario Fiore; Mike Malfatti; Ken Turteltaub; Wolfgang; Angela Mally
222012Furan Carcinogenicity: DNA binding and genotoxicity of furan in rats in vivoMosesso, Pasquale ; Carolin Neuwirth; Gaetano Pepe; Mario Fiore; Mike Malfatti; Ken Turteltaub; Wolfgang; Angela Mally
231993The genetic toxicology of 6-MercaptopurineMosesso, Pasquale ; Palitti, F.
241992Genotoxicity studies on sertoconazoleMosesso, Pasquale ; Romero, A.; Palacin, C.; Hodson-walker, G.; Marcos, R.; Batiste-alentorn, M.; Villamayor, F.; Sacristan; Ortiz, J. A.
251988High-dose-level effects in mutagenicity assays utilising mammalian cells in cultureMosesso, Pasquale ; Seeberg Ah; Forster, R.
262001HUman MicroNucleus ProjectMosesso, Pasquale ; Bonassi, S.; Fenech, M.; Lando, M.; Lin Yp; Ceppi, M.; Chang Wp; Holland, N.; Kirsh-volders, M.; Zeiger, E.; Ban, S.; Barale, R.
272008In vitro cytogenetic results supporting a DNA nonreactive mechanism for ochratoxin A, potentially relevant for its carcinogenicityMosesso, Pasquale ; Cinelli, S.; Piero, J.; Bellacima, R.; Pepe, G.
281998Induction of chromosomal aberrations (unstable and stable) by inhibitors of topoisomerase II, m-AMSA and VP16, using conventional Giemsa staining and chromosome painting techniquesMosesso, Pasquale ; Darroudi, F.; Van Der Berg, M.; Vermeulen, S.; Palitti, F.; Natarajan At
291994International Workshop on Standardisation of Genotoxicity Test Procedures. Report from Working Group on in vitro Tests for Chromosomal AberrationsMosesso, Pasquale ; Galloway Sm; Aardema Mj; Ishidate Jr, M.; Ivett Jl; Kirkland Dj; Morita, T.; Sofuni, T.
302014Interspecies variation in DNA damage induced by pollutionCarere, Claudio ; Nascetti, Giuseppe ; Mosesso, Pasquale ; Cimmaruta, Roberta ; Angeletti, Dario ; Sebbio, C.; Bellisario, B.; Angeletti; D.
311999The involvement of chromatin condensation in campthotecin-induced chromosome breaks in G0 human lymphocytesMosesso, Pasquale ; Fonti, E.; Bassi, L.; Lorenti Garcia, C.; Palitti, F.
321999Lack of effect of caffeine post-treatment on X-rays chromosomal aberrations in Werners syndrome lymphoblastoid cell linesMosesso, Pasquale ; Franchitto, A.; Proietti De Santis, L.; Pichierri, P.; Palitti, F.
331990LonidamineMosesso, Pasquale ; Forster, R.; Campana, A.; Donofrio, E.; Henderson, L.; Scorza-barcellona
342002Low molecular weight polyethylene glycol induces chromosome aberrations in Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cellsMosesso, Pasquale ; Biondi, O.; Motta, S.
352005Methyltrioxorhenium catalysed synthesis of highly oxidised aryltetralin lignans with anti-topoisomerase II and apoptogenic activitiesSaladino, Raffaele ; Mosesso, Pasquale ; Fiani, C.; Belfiore, M. C.; Gualandi, G.; Penna, S.; Cinzia Fiani; Maria Cristina Belfiore; Giampiero Gualandi; Sabrina Penna; Pasquale Mosesso
362005The novel human gene aprataxin is directly involved in DNA single-strand-break repairMosesso, Pasquale ; Piane, M.; Palitti, F.; Pepe, G.; Penna, S.; Chessa, L.
372005Ochratoxin A causes DNA damage and cytogenetic effects but no DNA adducts in ratsMosesso, Pasquale ; Mally, A.; Pepe, G.; Ravoori, S.; Fiore, M.; Gupta, R. C.; Dekant, W.
382011Perturbation of Mitosis through Inhibition of Histone AcetyltransferasesMosesso, Pasquale ; Czakai, K.; Muller, K.; Pepe, G.; Schulze, M.; Gohla, A.; Patnaik, D.; Dekant, W.; Higgins Jmg; Mally, A.
392004Potassium Bromate but not X-ray cause unexpectedly elevated levels of DNA breakage similar to those induced by ultraviolet light in Cockayne syndrome (CS-B) fibroblastMosesso, Pasquale ; Penna, S.; Pepe, G.; Lorenti; Palitti, F.
402006The protective effect of L-Carnitine in peripheral blood human lymphocytes exposed to oxidative agentsMosesso, Pasquale ; Claudia Lorenti-garcia; Silvia Filippi; Menotti Calvani; Raffaella Nicolai; Luigi; Fabrizio Palitti