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Mosesso, Pasquale
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Date Issued:  [1990 TO 1999]

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11998Caffeine effect on the mitotic delay induced by G2-treatment with UVC or mitomycin-CFranchitto, A.; Pichierri, P.; Mosesso, Pasquale ; Palitti, F.
21999Chromosome radiosensitivity in human G2 lymphocytes and cell cycle progressionPalitti, F.; Pichierri, P.; Franchitto, A.; Proietti De Santis, L.; Mosesso, Pasquale 
31994Clastogenic effects of the dithiocarbamate fungicides thiram and ziram in Chinese hamster cell lines cultured in vitroMosesso, Pasquale ; Turchi, G.; Cinelli, S.; Di Chiara, D.; Fiore; Palitti, F.
41995Cytogenetic effects of a naturally occurring ice-nucleation-inactive (non-INA) Pseudomonas fluorescens bacteria strain in Chinesi hamster ovary (CHO) cellsCaruso, P.; Andreozzi, L.; Mosesso, Pasquale 
51996Development and validation of alternative metabolic systems for mutagenicity testing in short-term assaysRueff Chiapella, J. C.; Leonard, A.; Llagostera, M.; Mosesso, Pasquale ; Natarajan, A. T.; Palitti, F.; Rodriguez, A. S.; Schinoppi, A.; Turchi, G.; Werle-schneider, G.; Chipman, J. K.; Darroudi, F.; Duarte Silva, I.; Duverger-van Bogaert, M.; Fonti, E.; Glatt, H. R.; Isern, P.; Laires, A.
61998Distribution of camptothecin-induced breakpoints in Chinese hamster cells treated in late S and G2 phases of the cell cycleBassi, L.; Palitti, F.; Mosesso, Pasquale ; Natarajan At
71996Effect of simulated microgravity conditions on radiation-induced chromosome aberrations and DNA-repair in human lymphocytesMosesso, Pasquale ; Schuber, M.; Seibt, D.; Schatz, A.; Fiore, M.; Fonti, E.; Palitti, F.
81998Evaluation of bleomycin-induced chromosome aberrations under simulated microgravity conditions in human lymphocytes, using FISH techniquesMosesso, Pasquale ; Schuber, M.; Seibt, D.; Schatz, A.; Fosci, A.; Fonti, E.; Palitti, F.
91993The genetic toxicology of 6-MercaptopurineMosesso, Pasquale ; Palitti, F.
101992Genotoxicity studies on sertoconazoleRomero, A.; Palacin, C.; Mosesso, Pasquale ; Hodson-walker, G.; Marcos, R.; Batiste-alentorn, M.; Villamayor, F.; Sacristan; Ortiz, J. A.
111998Induction of chromosomal aberrations (unstable and stable) by inhibitors of topoisomerase II, m-AMSA and VP16, using conventional Giemsa staining and chromosome painting techniquesMosesso, Pasquale ; Darroudi, F.; Van Der Berg, M.; Vermeulen, S.; Palitti, F.; Natarajan At
121994International Workshop on Standardisation of Genotoxicity Test Procedures. Report from Working Group on in vitro Tests for Chromosomal AberrationsGalloway Sm; Aardema Mj; Ishidate Jr, M.; Ivett Jl; Kirkland Dj; Morita, T.; Mosesso, Pasquale ; Sofuni, T.
131999The involvement of chromatin condensation in campthotecin-induced chromosome breaks in G0 human lymphocytesMosesso, Pasquale ; Fonti, E.; Bassi, L.; Lorenti Garcia, C.; Palitti, F.
141999Lack of effect of caffeine post-treatment on X-rays chromosomal aberrations in Werners syndrome lymphoblastoid cell linesFranchitto, A.; Proietti De Santis, L.; Pichierri, P.; Mosesso, Pasquale ; Palitti, F.
151990LonidamineForster, R.; Campana, A.; Donofrio, E.; Henderson, L.; Mosesso, Pasquale ; Scorza-barcellona
161996The Use of In Vitro Systems for Evaluating HaematotoxicityGribaldo, R.; Pessina, A.; San Roman, J.; Schoeters, G.; Bueren, J.; Deldar, R.; Hokland, P.; Meredith, C.; Moneta, D.; Mosesso, Pasquale ; Parchment, R.; Parent-massim, D.