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Mosesso, Pasquale
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Author:  Penna, S.

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12005Methyltrioxorhenium catalysed synthesis of highly oxidised aryltetralin lignans with anti-topoisomerase II and apoptogenic activitiesSaladino, Raffaele ; Sabrina Penna; Pasquale Mosesso; Fiani, C.; Belfiore, M. C.; Gualandi, G.; Penna, S.; Mosesso, Pasquale ; Cinzia Fiani; Maria Cristina Belfiore; Giampiero Gualandi
22005The novel human gene aprataxin is directly involved in DNA single-strand-break repairMosesso, Pasquale ; Piane, M.; Palitti, F.; Pepe, G.; Penna, S.; Chessa, L.
32004Potassium Bromate but not X-ray cause unexpectedly elevated levels of DNA breakage similar to those induced by ultraviolet light in Cockayne syndrome (CS-B) fibroblastMosesso, Pasquale ; Penna, S.; Pepe, G.; Lorenti; Palitti, F.
42001X-rays-induced chromosome aberrations in human lymphocytes in vitro are potentiated under simulated microgravity conditions (Clinostat)Mosesso, Pasquale ; Schuber, M.; Seibt, D.; Schmitz, C.; Fiore, M.; Schinoppi, A.; Penna, S.; Palitti, F.