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Masci, Stefania
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12000A 1B-coded low-molecular-weight glutenin subunit associated with quality in durum wheats shows strong similarity to a subunit present in some bread wheat cultivarsMasci, Stefania ; Dovidio, R.; Lafiandra, D.; Kasarda Dd
21996Accumulation of protein subunits and their polymers in developing grains of hexaploid wheatsGupta Rb; Masci, Stefania ; Lafiandra, D.; Bariana Hs; Macritchie, F.
32008Alterations of gene and protein expression in a transgenic bread wheat line over-expressing a low molecular weight glutenin subunit geneScossa, F.; Laudencia-chingcuanco, D.; Anderson , O. D.; Vensel, W. H.; Kasarda , D. D.; Lafiandra, D.; Dovidio, R.; Masci, Stefania 
42008Analisi genomiche e proteomiche per il migliotamento della qualit e sicurezza delle produzioni agrarieLafiandra, D.; Masci, Stefania ; Reforgiato Recupero, G.; Terzi, V.; Carputo, D.; Odoardi, M.
52015Analysis of quality-related parameters in mature kernels of PGIP transgenic bread wheat infected with Fusarium graminearumMasci, Stefania ; Dovidio, R.; Laino, P.; Janni, M.; Botticella, E.; Di Carli, M.; Benvenuto, E.; Danieli, P. P.; Lilley, K. S.; Lafiandra, D.
62014An asparagine residue at the N-terminus affects the maturation process of low molecular weight glutenin subunits of wheat endospermEgidi, E.; Sestili; F.; Janni; M.; Dovidio; R.; Lafiandra; D.; Vensel; Wh; Sestili, Francesco ; D'ovidio, R.; Janni, M.; Dovidio, R.; Lafiandra, Domenico ; Ceriotti, A.; Vensel Wh; Kasarda Dd; Masci, Stefania 
72014Assessment of the allergenicity of soluble fractions from GM and commercial genotypes of wheatsLupi, R.; Moneret-vautrin, D.; Masci, Stefania ; Rogniaux, H.; Tranquet, O.; Brossard, C.; Lafiandra, Domenico ; Moneret-vautrin Da; Denery-papini, S.; Larr, C.
82002Biochemical characterisation of a novel polymeric protein subunit from bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)Gianibelli, M. C.; Masci, Stefania ; Larroque, O. R.; Lafiandra, D.; Macritchie, F.
92020Can Manipulation of Durum Wheat Amylose Content Reduce the Glycaemic Index of Spaghetti?Sissons, Mike; Sestili, Francesco ; Botticella, Ermelinda; Masci, Stefania ; Lafiandra, Domenico 
102002Characterisation and chromosomal localisation of C-type low molecular weight glutenin subunits in the bread wheat cultivar Chinese SpringMasci, Stefania ; Rovelli, L.; Kasarda, D. D.; Vensel, W. H.; Lafiandra, D.
112010Characterisation of a specific class of typical low molecular weight glutenin subunits of durum wheat by a proteomic approachMuccilli, V.; Cunsolo, V.; Saletti, R.; Foti, S.; Margiotta, B.; Scossa, F.; Masci, Stefania ; Lafiandra, D.
121998Characterization of a Low-Molecular-Weight glutenin subunit gene from bread wheat and the corresponding protein that represents a major subunit of the glutenin polymerMasci, Stefania ; Dovidio, R.; Lafiandra, D.; Kasarda, D. D.
132008Characterization of allergens present in the seed soluble protein fraction of transgenic and untransformed wheat linesLupi, R.; Masci, Stefania ; Larr, C.; Pineau, F.; Deshayes, G.; Moneret-vautrin, D. A.; Denery, S.; Popineau, Y.; Dovidio, R.; Lafiandra, D.; Anderson, O. D.
142005Characterization of B- and C-type low-molecular-weight glutenin subunits by electrospray ionization mass spectrometry and matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometryMuccilli, V.; Cunsolo, V.; Saletti, R.; Foti, S.; Masci, Stefania ; Lafiandra, D.
152016Characterization of durum wheat high molecular weight glutenin subunits Bx20 and By20 sequences by a molecular and proteomic approachSantagati Vd; Sestili, Francesco ; Lafiandra, Domenico ; Dovidio, R.; Rogniaux, H.; Masci, Stefania ; Santagati , V. D.; Santagati, D.; D'ovidio, R.
161995Characterization of low-molecular-weight glutenin subunits in durum wheat by RP-HPLC and N-Terminal sequencingMasci, Stefania ; Lew Ejl; Lafiandra, D.; Porceddu, E.; Kasarda Dd
172016The Chinese bread wheat cultivar Xiaoyanmai 7 harbours genes encoding a pair of novel high molecular weight glutenin subunits inherited from cereal ryeFeng, B.; Sestili, F.; Masci, Stefania ; Margiotta, B.; Xu, Z.; Yang, Z.; Xiang, C.; Zhou, C.
182010Comparative proteome analysis of metabolic proteins from seeds of durum wheat (cv. Svevo) subjected to heat stressLaino, P.; Masci, Stefania ; Shelton, D.; Finnie, C.; De Leonardis, A. M.; Mastrangelo; A. M.; Svensson, B.; Lafiandra; D.
192008Comparative proteomic analysis of heat stress on the metabolic seed protein fraction in the widely grown Italian durum wheat cultivar SvevoLaino, P.; Mastrangelo, A. M.; Shelton, D.; Finnie, C.; De Leonardis Am; Mastrangelo Am; Svensson, B.; Lafiandra, D.; Masci, Stefania ; De Leonardis, A. M.
202013Comparative proteomic analysis of kernel proteins of two high amylose transgenic durum wheat lines obtained by biolistic and Agrobacterium-mediated transformationsSestili, Francesco ; Paoletti, F.; Botticella, E.; Masci, Stefania ; Saletti, R.; Muccilli, V.; Lafiandra, Domenico