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Moscatelli, Maria Cristina
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12009Accumulo di C nel suolo di una piantagione di Populus spp. in condizioni di elevata CO2 atmosferica e fertilizzazione azotataLagomarsino, A.; De Angelis, Paolo ; Moscatelli, Maria Cristina ; Grego, S.; Scarascia Mugnozza, G.
22016API ZYM assay to evaluate enzyme fingerprinting and microbial functional diversity in relation to soil processesMartnez, D.; Molina Mj; Snchez, J.; Moscatelli, Maria Cristina ; Marinari, Sara ; Molina, M. J.
32012Assessment of soil microbial functional diversity in a coppiced forest systemPignataro, A.; Moscatelli, Maria Cristina ; Mocali, S.; Grego, S.; Benedetti, A.
42008Assessment of soil nitrogen and phosphorous availability under elevated CO2 and N-fertilization in a short rotation poplar plantationLagomarsino, A.; Moscatelli, Maria Cristina ; Hoosbeek, M. R.; De Angelis, Paolo ; Grego, S.; Hoosbeek, M.
52012beta-Glucosidase kinetic parameters as indicators of soil quality under conventional and organic cropping systems applying two analytical approachesMoscatelli, Maria Cristina ; Lagomarsino, A.; Garzillo Amv; Pignataro, A.; Grego, S.
61998Effects of ammonium nitrate and stabilised farmyard manure on microbial biomass and metabolic quotient of soil under Zea Mays LGrego, S.; Marinari, S.; Moscatelli, Maria Cristina ; Badalucco, L.
71995Efficacy of NBPT to slow down the degradation of urea in field conditionsGrego, S.; Badalucco, L.; De Cesare, F.; Moscatelli, Maria Cristina ; Gioacchini, P.; Antisari, L.
82009Forest soil carbon cycle under elevated CO(2) - a case of increased throughput?Lukac, M.; Lagomarsino, A.; Moscatelli, Maria Cristina ; De Angelis, P.; Cotrufo Mf; Godbold Dl
92003Free-air CO2 enrichment (FACE) enhances biomass production in a short-rotation poplar plantation (POPFACE)Calfapietra, C.; Scarascia-mugnozza, G.; Gielen, B.; Galema, A. N. J.; Lukac, M.; De Angelis, Paolo ; Moscatelli, Maria Cristina ; Ceulemans, R.; Scarascia Mugnozza, G.
102015IL SUOLO COME PATRIMONIO CULTURALEMoscatelli, Maria Cristina 
112010Influence of defoliation on CO(2) efflux from soil and microbial activity in a Mediterranean grassland RID D-1605-2010Gavrichkova, O.; Moscatelli, Maria Cristina ; Kuzyakov, Y.; Grego, S.; Valentini, R.
122000The influence of liming and natural acidification on soil chemical and biological processesGrego, S.; Moscatelli, Maria Cristina ; Marinari, S.; Badalucco, L.
132009The influence of temperature and labile C substrates on heterotrophic respiration in response to elevated CO(2) and nitrogen fertilizationLagomarsino, A.; De Angelis, P.; Moscatelli, Maria Cristina ; Grego, S.
142006Labile substrates quality as the main driving force of microbial mineralization activity in a poplar plantation soil under elevated CO(2) and nitrogen fertilizationLagomarsino, A.; Moscatelli, Maria Cristina ; De Angelis, P.; Grego, S.
152001Mediterranean natural forest living at elevated CO2: soil biological properties and plant biomass growthMoscatelli, Maria Cristina ; Fonck, M.; De Angelis, P.; Larbi, H.; Macuz, A.; Rambelli, A.; Grego, S.
162007Microbial indicators related to soil carbon in Mediterranean land use systemsMoscatelli, Maria Cristina ; Di Tizio, A.; Marinari, S.; Grego, S.
172010Microbial performance under increasing nitrogen availability in a Mediterranean forest soilDalmonech, D.; Lagomarsino, A.; Moscatelli, Maria Cristina ; Chiti, T.; Valentini, R.
182013Mobility and distribution of arsenic in contaminated mine soils and its effects on the microbial poolMarabottini, R.; Grego; S.; Moscatelli; M. C.; Stazi, Silvia Rita ; Papp, R.; Grego, S.; Moscatelli, Maria Cristina ; Marabottini; R.; Papp
192017A Multi-biological Assay Approach to Assess Microbial Diversity in Arsenic (As) Contaminated SoilsStazi, Silvia Rita ; M. C.; Papp; R.; Martin; M.; Marabottini; Moscatelli, Maria Cristina ; Papp, R.; Crognale, S.; Grego, S.; Martin, M.; Marabottini, R.; Moscatelli
202005Net carbon storage in a poplar plantation (POPFACE) after three years of free-air CO2 enrichmentGielen, B.; Godbold, D. L.; Hoosbeek, M. R.; Long, S. P.; Miglietta, F.; Polle, A.; Bernacchi, C. J.; Davey, P. A.; Ceulemans, R.; Scarascia-mugnozza, G. E.; Ve Wittig; Calfapietra, C.; Ia Janssens; Moscatelli, Maria Cristina ; Mf Cotrufo; Dl Godbold; Mr Hoosbeek; Sp Long; Cj Bernacchi; Pa Davey; Ge, Scarascia-mugnozza.; Lukac, M.; Wittig, V. E.; De Angelis, Paolo ; Janssens, I. A.; Grego, S.; Cotrufo, M. F.