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12012Wetland plants, micro-organisms and enzymatic activities interrelations in treating N polluted waterSalvato, M.; Borin, M.; Doni, S.; Macci, C.; Ceccanti, B.; Marinari, Sara ; Masciandaro, G.
22016Thallium-Transfer from Artificially Contaminated Soil to Young Downy Oak Plants (QUERCUS PUBESCENS WILLD.)Vittori Antisari1, L.; Marinari, Sara ; Ferronato, C.; Vianello, G.
32015Soil quality, microbial functions and tomato yield under cover crop mulching in the Mediterranean environmentMarinari, Sara ; Mancinelli, Roberto ; Brunetti, Paola; Campiglia, Enio 
42022Soil Quality and Health to Assess Agro-Ecosystems ServicesMarinari, Sara ; Radicetti, Emanuele; Mancinelli, Roberto 
52013Soil property, CO2 emission and aridity index as agroecological indicators to assess the mineralization of cover crop green manure in a Mediterranean environmentMancinelli, Roberto ; Marinari, Sara ; Di Felice, V.; Savin Mc; Campiglia, Enio ; Savin , M. C.
62022Soil properties changes after seven years of ground mounted photovoltaic panels in Central Italy coastal areaMoscatelli, Maria Cristina ; Marabottini, Rosita; Massaccesi, Luisa; Marinari, Sara 
72015Soil processes related to organic matter modifications following Douglas-fir mature reforestationFalsone, G.; Marinari, Sara ; Vittori Antisari, L.; Vianello, G.
82017Soil organic matter degradation and enzymatic profiles of intertidal and subaqueous soilsFerronato, C.; Marinari, Sara ; Bello, D.; Vianello, G.; Trasar-cepeda, C.; Vittori Antisari, L.
102012Soil enzymology: classical and molecular approachesNannipieri, P.; Giagnoni, L.; Renella, G.; Puglisi, E.; Ceccanti, B.; Masciandaro, G.; Fornasier, F.; Moscatelli Mc; Marinari, Sara 
112013Soil development and microbial functional diversity: Proposal for a methodological approachMarinari, Sara ; Bonifacio, E.; Moscatelli Mc; Falsone, G.; Vittori Antisari, L.; Vianello, G.
122018Short-term changes in soil biochemical properties as affected by subsidiary crop cultivation in four European pedo-climatic zonesPapp, R.; Marinari, Sara ; Moscatelli, Maria Cristina ; van der Heijden, M. G.A.; Wittwer, R.; Campiglia, Enio ; Radicetti, E.; Mancinelli, Roberto ; Fradgley, N.; Pearce, B.; Bergkvist, G.; Finckh, M. R.
132017PRELIMINARY EVIDENCES OF A PALEOSOL IN THE LIVING LANDSCAPE OF CIVITA DI BAGNOREGIO (ITALY)Marinari, Sara ; Moscatelli, Maria Cristina ; Fiordelmondo, F.; Marabottini, R.; Di Buduo Gm; Vianello, G.
142020Potential role of fertilizer sources and soil tillage practices to mitigate soil CO2 emissions in mediterranean potato production systemsMancinelli, Roberto ; Marinari, Sara ; Allam, Mohamed; Radicetti, Emanuele
152020Potential role of fertilizer sources and soil tillage practices to mitigate soil CO2 emissions in mediterranean potato production systemsMancinelli, Roberto ; Marinari, Sara ; Allam, Mohamed; Radicetti, Emanuele
162015Organic mulching, irrigation and fertilization affect soil CO2 emission and C storage in tomato crop in the Mediterranean environmentMancinelli, Roberto ; Marinari, Sara ; Brunetti, Paola; Radicetti, Emanuele; Campiglia, Enio 
172015On farm production of compost from nursery green residues and its use to reduce peat for the production of olive pot plantsAleandri , Maria Pia; Chilosi, Gabriele ; Muganu, Massimo ; Vettraino, Anna Maria ; Marinari, Sara ; Paolocci, Marco; Luccioli, Elena; Vannini, Andrea 
182021Mineral weathering and lessivage affect microbial community and enzyme activity in mountain soilsMarinari, Sara ; Marabottini, R.; Falsone, G.; Vianello, G.; Vittori Antisari, L.; Agnelli, A.; Massaccesi, L.; Cocco, S.; Cardelli, V.; Serrani, D.; Corti, G.
192022Microbial Indices to Assess Soil Health under Different Tillage and Fertilization in Potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) CropMarinari, Sara ; Radicetti, Emanuele; Petroselli, Verdiana; Allam, Mohamed; Mancinelli, Roberto 
202012Microbial activity and functional diversity in Psamment soils in a forested coastal dune-swale systemMarinari, Sara ; Carbone, S.; Vittori Antisari, L.; Grego, S.; Vianello, G.