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412018Implementation of a software platform to support an eco-design methodology within a manufacturing firmFavi, C.; Germani, M.; Mandolini, M.; Marconi, Marco 
422019Feasibility Study and Design of an Automatic System for Electronic Components DisassemblyMarconi, Marco ; Palmieri, Giacomo; Callegari, Massimo; Germani, Michele
432011EROD: New Collaborative Design Platform for Developing Energy Efficient Electric MotorsFavi, C.; Germani, M.; Marconi, Marco ; Mengoni, M.
442012EROD: A web-based system to support the design process of eco-efficient electric motorsMarconi, Marco ; Favi, C.; Germani, M.; Mengoni, M.
452017Environmental sustainability awareness in product design practices: A survey of Italian companiesFavi, C.; Germani, M.; Gregori, F.; Mandolini, M.; Marconi, Marco ; Marilungo, E.; Papetti, A.; Rossi, M.
462019Environmental and Economic Evaluation of the Sheet Metal Stamping Process Using Alternative LubricantsLandi, Daniele; Germani, Michele; Mandolini, Marco; Marconi, Marco ; Favi, Claudio
472019Energy efficiency of manufacturing systems: A review of energy assessment methods and toolsMenghi, Roberto; Papetti, Alessandra; Germani, Michele; Marconi, Marco 
482014End-of-Life Indices to Manage the Demanufacturing Phase during the Product Design ProcessGermani, M.; Luzi, A.; Mandolini, M.; Marconi, Marco 
492017An end of life oriented framework to support the transition toward circular economyMarconi, Marco ; Germani, M.
502020Eco-design teaching initiative within a manufacturing company based on LCA analysis of company product portfolioMarconi, Marco ; Favi, Claudio
512014ECO-design platform within an extended enterprise: How to implement it?Germani Michele; Mandolini Marco; Marconi, Marco ; Morbidoni Alessandro; Rossi Marta
522013Eco-design guidelines and eco-knowledge integration in product development processRossi, M.; Germani, M.; Mandolini, M.; Marconi, Marco ; Mengoni, M.; Morbidoni, A.
532015A distributed system for traceability and sustainability assessment of leather shoe supply chainsGermani, M.; Marconi, Marco ; Marilungo, E.; Papetti, A.
542016Disassembly knowledge classification and potential application: A preliminary analysis on a washing machineFavi, C.; Germani, M.; Mandolini, M.; Marconi, Marco 
552017A design for EoL approach and metrics to favour closed-loop scenarios for productsFavi Claudio; Germani Michele; Luzi Andrea; Mandolini Marco; Marconi, Marco 
562016A decision support tool to foster sustainability in industrial contextRossi, M.; Germani, M.; Marconi, Marco 
572018A Critical Review of Industrial Symbiosis ModelsScaf, M.; Marconi, Marco ; Germani, M.
582020Comparative life cycle assessment of standard, cellulose-reinforced and end of life tires fiber-reinforced hot mix asphalt mixturesLandi, Daniele; Marconi, Marco ; Bocci, Edoardo; Germani, Michele
592019Comparative life cycle assessment of low-pressure RTM, compression RTM and high-pressure RTM manufacturing processes to produce CFRP car hoodsVita, Alessio; Castorani, Vincenzo; Germani, Michele; Marconi, Marco 
602019Comparative life cycle assessment and cost analysis of autoclave and pressure bag molding for producing CFRP componentsVita, Alessio; Castorani, Vincenzo; Germani, Michele; Marconi, Marco