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212016PLANTLCA: A Lifecycle Approach to Map and Characterize Resource Consumptions and Environmental Impacts of Manufacturing PlantsFavi Claudio; Germani Michele; Mandolini Marco; Marconi, Marco 
222013A Methodology and a Software Platform to Implement an Eco-Design Strategy in a Manufacturing CompanyGermani, M.; Mandolini, M.; Marconi, Marco ; Dufrene, M.; Zwolinski, P.
232018A method to estimate the total VOC emission of furniture productsMenghi, R.; Ceccacci, S.; Papetti, A.; Marconi, Marco ; Germani, M.
242016A method to assess the environmental profile of in-house machining processesGermani Michele; Mandolini Marco; Marconi, Marco ; Mengarelli Marco
252014A method for the estimation of the economic and ecological sustainability of production linesGermani Michele; Mandolini Marco; Marconi, Marco ; Marilungo Eugenia
262016A Lifecycle-enhanced Global Manufacturing Platform for EnterprisesMengarelli, M.; Marconi, Marco ; Germani, M.
272017Lifecycle tools as a support for the eco-design innovation of domestic appliancesPapetti, A.; Germani, M.; Marconi, Marco ; Favi, C.
282018Life Cycle Model and Metrics in Shipbuilding: How to Use them in the Preliminary Design PhasesFavi, C.; Germani, M.; Campi, F.; Mandolini, M.; Manieri, S.; Marconi, Marco ; Vita, A.
292020Life cycle impact assessment of different manufacturing technologies for automotive CFRP componentsForcellese, Archimede; Marconi, Marco ; Simoncini, Michela; Vita, Alessio
302015Life Cycle Assessment to measure the environmental sustainability of a leather shoes productive supply chainGermani, M.; Marconi, Marco ; Marilungo, E.; Papetti, A.
312012LeanDfd: A Design for Disassembly Approach to Evaluate the Feasibility of Different End-of-Life Scenarios for Industrial ProductsFavi, C.; Germani, M.; Mandolini, M.; Marconi, Marco 
322015A LCA based platform to support a systematic introduction of environmental criteria into the design process of mechatronic productsMengarelli, M.; Germani, M.; Mandolini, M.; Marconi, Marco 
332014Investigating the sustainability of production lines: A method for impacts evaluationGermani, M.; Mandolini, M.; Marconi, Marco ; Marilungo, E.; Rossi, M.
342015Investigating the sustainability of product supply chainsGermani Michele; Mandolini Marco; Marconi, Marco ; Marilungo Eugenia; Papetti Alessandra
352018Investigating the feasibility of a reuse scenario for textile fibres recovered from end-of-life tyresLandi, D.; Gigli, S.; Germani, M.; Marconi, Marco 
362013Integrated Software Platform for Green Engineering Design and Product SustainabilityGermani, M.; Dufrene, M.; Mandolini, M.; Marconi, Marco ; Zwolinski, P.
372014An integrated approach and IT platform to optimize electric motor engineering and designMarconi, Marco ; Favi, C.; Germani, M.; Mengoni, M.
382012Innovative software platform for eco-design of efficient electric motorsFavi, C.; Germani, M.; Marconi, Marco ; Mengoni, M.
392016Includes Knowledge of Dismantling Centers in the Early Design Phase: A Knowledge-based Design for Disassembly ApproachFavi Claudio; Germani Michele; Mandolini Marco; Marconi, Marco 
402020Improving the Shoes Customization Process Through a Digitally-Enabled FrameworkMarconi, Marco ; Papetti, Alessandra; Rossi, Marta; Di Domizio, Giulia