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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12016Toward sustainable manufacturing: Evaluation of the economic and ecological impacts of production linesGermani Michele; Mandolini Marco; Marconi, Marco ; Marilungo Eugenia
22014Tool for Life Cycle Costing of Electric Motors during the Early Design PhasesCicconi, P.; Germani, M.; Mandolini, M.; Marconi, Marco 
32012LeanDfd: A Design for Disassembly Approach to Evaluate the Feasibility of Different End-of-Life Scenarios for Industrial ProductsFavi, C.; Germani, M.; Mandolini, M.; Marconi, Marco 
42013Integrated Software Platform for Green Engineering Design and Product SustainabilityGermani, M.; Dufrene, M.; Mandolini, M.; Marconi, Marco ; Zwolinski, P.
52020Improving the Shoes Customization Process Through a Digitally-Enabled FrameworkMarconi, Marco ; Papetti, Alessandra; Rossi, Marta; Di Domizio, Giulia
62014End-of-Life Indices to Manage the Demanufacturing Phase during the Product Design ProcessGermani, M.; Luzi, A.; Mandolini, M.; Marconi, Marco 
72018A Critical Review of Industrial Symbiosis ModelsScaf, M.; Marconi, Marco ; Germani, M.
82013A Case-Based Reasoning Approach to Support the Application of the Eco-Design GuidelinesGermani, M.; Mandolini, M.; Marconi, Marco ; Morbiddoni, A.; Rossi, M.
92016A Bridge Between CAD and LCA to Optimise the Life Cycle Inventory PhaseMengarelli, M.; Cortesi, S.; Buttol, P.; Marconi, Marco ; Reale, F.
102020A Knowledge Repository to Support Ecodesign Implementation in Manufacturing CompaniesRossi, Marta; Marconi, Marco ; Menghi, Roberto; Papetti, Alessandra