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12020Reuse of leather scraps for insulation panels: Technical and environmental feasibility evaluationMarconi, Marco ; Barbanera, Marco ; Calabrò, Giuseppe ; Baffo, ilaria 
22020Recycled leather cutting waste-based boards: thermal, acoustic, hygrothermal and ignitability propertiesBarbanera, M.; Belloni, E.; Buratti, C.; Calabrò, G.; Marconi, Marco ; Merli, F.; Armentano, I.
32020Life cycle impact assessment of different manufacturing technologies for automotive CFRP componentsForcellese, Archimede; Marconi, Marco ; Simoncini, Michela; Vita, Alessio
42020Improving the Shoes Customization Process Through a Digitally-Enabled FrameworkMarconi, Marco ; Papetti, Alessandra; Rossi, Marta; Di Domizio, Giulia
52020Eco-design teaching initiative within a manufacturing company based on LCA analysis of company product portfolioMarconi, Marco ; Favi, Claudio
62020Comparative life cycle assessment of standard, cellulose-reinforced and end of life tires fiber-reinforced hot mix asphalt mixturesLandi, Daniele; Marconi, Marco ; Bocci, Edoardo; Germani, Michele
72020Big data analysis for the estimation of disassembly time and de-manufacturing activityFavi, Claudio; Marconi, Marco ; Mandolini, Marco; Germani, Michele
82020An energy assessment method for SMEs: case study of an Italian mechanical workshopMenghi, Roberto; Di Domizio, Giulia; Papetti, Alessandra; Germani, Michele; Marconi, Marco 
92020An Augmented Reality System for Operator Training in the Footwear SectorRossi, Marta; Papetti, Alessandra; Germani, Michele; Marconi, Marco 
102020A sustainable manufacturing tool for the analysis and management of resource consumption within production processesMarconi, Marco ; Menghi, Roberto
112020A Knowledge Repository to Support Ecodesign Implementation in Manufacturing CompaniesRossi, Marta; Marconi, Marco ; Menghi, Roberto; Papetti, Alessandra
122020A critical review of symbiosis approaches in the context of Industry 4.0☆Germani, Michele; Marconi, Marco ; Scafà, Martina