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12011A web-based Platform to design Energy Efficient Electric MotorsFavi, C.; Germani, M.; Marconi, Marco ; Mengoni, M.
22019Web-based platform for eco-sustainable supply chain managementPapetti, Alessandra; Marconi, Marco ; Rossi, Marta; Germani, Michele
32019Virtual Reality-Enhanced Configuration Design of Customized Workplaces: a Case Study of Ship Bridge SystemFavi, Claudio; Moroni, Fabrizio; Manieri, Steve; Germani, Michele; Marconi, Marco 
42015Usability demonstration of the G.EN.ESI eco-design platform: the fridge case studyMandolini, M.; Mengarelli, M.; Germani, M.; Marconi, Marco 
52015Usability demonstration of the g.en.esi eco-design platform: The cooker hood case studyGermani Michele; Mandolini Marco; Marconi, Marco ; Rossi Marta
62017Traceability as a means to investigate supply chain sustainability: The real case of a leather shoe supply chainMarconi, Marco ; Marilungo, Eugenia; Papetti, Alessandra; Germani, Michele
72023Towards a Digital Factory in the Leather Goods Sector: The Case of an Italian CompanyPIETRONI, GIORGIA ; Marconi, Marco 
82016Toward sustainable manufacturing: Evaluation of the economic and ecological impacts of production linesGermani Michele; Mandolini Marco; Marconi, Marco ; Marilungo Eugenia
92014Tool for Life Cycle Costing of Electric Motors during the Early Design PhasesCicconi, P.; Germani, M.; Mandolini, M.; Marconi, Marco 
102018Time-based disassembly method: how to assess the best disassembly sequence and time of target components in complex productsMandolini, Marco; Favi, Claudio; Germani, Michele; Marconi, Marco 
112022Technical, environmental, and economic feasibility investigation of an innovative dry washing process for metal degreasingRubino, Gianluca ; Marconi, Marco ; Baiocco, Gabriele; Menna, Erica
122023Technical and environmental assessment of a circular economy scenario for end of life tires fibers used as reinforcement in plastic compoundsLandi, Daniele; Marconi, Marco ; Gianvincenzi, Mattia; Mosconi, Enrico Maria 
132019Teaching eco-design by using LCA analysis of company’s product portfolio: the case study of an Italian manufacturing firmFavi, Claudio; Marconi, Marco ; Germani, Michele
142016Target disassembly methodology for product maintainability and dismantling: Validation on a washing machine case studyFavi Claudio; Mandolini Marco; Marconi, Marco ; Germani Michele
152015A system to increase the sustainability and traceability of supply chainsGermani, M.; Mandolini, M.; Marconi, Marco ; Marilungo, E.; Papetti, A.
162022Sustainable life cycle and energy management of discrete manufacturing plants in the industry 4.0 frameworkFavi, Claudio; Marconi, Marco ; Mandolini, Marco; Germani, Michele
172023Single Use Personal Protective Equipment Reinforced AsphaltMarconi, Marco ; Landi, Daniele; Bocci, Edoardo; PIETRONI, GIORGIA ; Mosconi, Enrico Maria 
182018Reuse scenarios of tires textile fibers: an environmental evaluationLandi, D.; Marconi, Marco ; Meo, I.; Germani, M.
192018Reuse of Tires Textile Fibers in Plastic Compounds: Is this Scenario Environmentally Sustainable?Marconi, Marco ; Landi, D.; Meo, I.; Germani, M.
202020Reuse of leather scraps for insulation panels: Technical and environmental feasibility evaluationMarconi, Marco ; Barbanera, Marco ; Calabrò, Giuseppe ; Baffo, ilaria