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12016Yield and quality of eggplant (Solanum melongena L.) as affected bycover crop species and residue managementRadicetti, E.; Massantini, R.; Campiglia, E.; Mancinelli, Roberto ; Ferri, S.; Moscetti, R.
22018Wheat performance with subclover living mulch in different agroenvironmental conditions depends on crop managementRadicetti, E.; Wittwer, R.; Campiglia, E.; Baresel Jp; El-haddoury Ej; Finck Mr; Mancinelli, Roberto ; Schmidt Jh; Thami Alami, I.; Udupa Sm; Van Der Heijden Mga
32021Weed Spectrum in Durum Wheat under Different Soil Tillage and Fertilizer Application in Mediterranean EnvironmentPetroselli, Verdiana; Radicetti, Emanuele; Langeroodi, Alireza Safahani; Allam, Mohamed; Mancinelli, Roberto 
42012Weed control strategies and yield response in a pepper crop (Capsicum annuum L.) mulched with hairy vetch (Vicia villosa Roth.) and oat (Avena sativa L.) residuesCampiglia, E.; Radicetti, E.; Mancinelli, Roberto 
52007Use of essential oils of cinnamon (Cinnamomum zeylanicum L.), lavender (Lavandula spp.) and peppermint (Mentha x piperita L.) for weed controlCampiglia, Enio; Mancinelli, Roberto ; Cavalieri, Andrea; Caporali, Fabio
62017Sustainable agricultural systemsMancinelli, Roberto 
72014Soil quality, microbial functions and tomato yield under cover crop mulching in the Mediterranean environmentMarinari, Sara ; Mancinelli, Roberto ; Brunetti, P.; Campiglia, Enio 
82013Soil property, CO2 emission and aridity index as agroecological indicators to assess the mineralization of cover crop green manure in a Mediterranean environmentMancinelli, Roberto ; Marinari, Sara ; Di Felice, V.; Savin Mc; Campiglia, Enio ; Savin , M. C.
92018Short-term changes in soil biochemical properties as affected by subsidiary crop cultivation in four European pedo-climatic zonesPapp, R.; Pearce, B.; Bergkvist, G.; Finckh Mr; Marinari, S.; Moscatelli Mc; Van Der Heijden Mga; Wittwer, R.; Campiglia, E.; Radicetti, E.; Mancinelli, Roberto ; Fradgley, N.
102014Rurality and agroecosystem sustainabilityDi Felice, V.; De Jesus Soares Bessa Batista , E. R.; Mancinelli, Roberto ; Guilherme Ferreira Batista, J.; Campiglia, E.
112013Produzioni biologiche da ecotipi di leguminose da granellaMancinelli, Roberto ; Campiglia, E.
122017Primi risultati della ricerca agronomica sulla coltivazione della canapa industriale (Cannabis sativa L.) nellAlto LazioCampiglia, Enio ; Mancinelli, Roberto ; Stefanini, E.; Radicetti, E.
132016Pphytoavailability of geogenic arsenic and its partitioning in soilStazi Sr; Mancinelli, Roberto ; Alevato, E.; Marabottini, R.; Campiglia, E.; Marinari, S.
142020Potential role of fertilizer sources and soil tillage practices to mitigate soil CO2 emissions in mediterranean potato production systemsMancinelli, Roberto ; Marinari, Sara; Allam, Mohamed; Radicetti, Emanuele
152020Potential role of fertilizer sources and soil tillage practices to mitigate soil CO2 emissions in mediterranean potato production systemsMancinelli, Roberto ; Marinari, Sara ; Allam, Mohamed; Radicetti, Emanuele
162017Plant density and nitrogen fertilization affect agronomic performance of industrial hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) in Mediterranean environmentCampiglia, Enio ; Radicetti, E.; Mancinelli, Roberto 
172015Organic mulching, irrigation and fertilization affect soil CO2 emission and C storage in tomato crop in the Mediterranean environmentMancinelli, Roberto ; Marinari, Sara ; Brunetti, P.; Radicetti, E.; Campiglia, Enio 
182007Naturalness consumption and Biodiversity in an Ecoregion of Central ItalyMancinelli, Roberto ; Di Felice, Vincenzo; Campiglia, Enio; Caporali, Fabio
192012A multivariate analysis of the environmental and economical dimensions of agroecosystem sustainability in central ItalyDi Felice, V.; Mancinelli, Roberto ; Proulx, R.; Campiglia, E.
202017Multi-temporal land use and cover changing analysisBrunori, E.; Salvati, L.; Mancinelli, Roberto ; Smiraglia, D.; Biasi, R.