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Mencarelli, Fabio
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12012Anaerobic metabolism during short and long term storage of kiwifruit. POSTHARVEST BIOLOGY AND TECHNOLOGY,Botondi, R.; Russo, V.; Mencarelli, Fabio 
22016Assessment of Postharvest Dehydration Kinetics and Skin Mechanical Properties of "Muscat of Alexandria" Grapes by Response Surface Methodology. FOOD AND BIOPROCESS TECHNOLOGY,Corona, O.; Torchio, F.; Giacosa, S.; Riosegade, S.; Planeta, D.; Gerbi, V.; Squadrito, M.; Mencarelli, Fabio ; Rolle, L.
32014The Effect of Chitosan Coating on the Quality and Nutraceutical Traits of Sweet Cherry During Postharvest Life. FOOD AND BIOPROCESS TECHNOLOGY,Petriccione, M.; De Sanctis, F.; Pasquariello, M. S.; Mastrobuoni, F.; Rega, P.; Scortichini, M.; Mencarelli, Fabio 
42014Effect of Postharvest Dehydration on Content of Volatile Organic 2 Compounds in the Epicarp of the Cesanese Grape Berry . AMERICAN JOURNAL OF ENOLOGY AND VITICULTURE,Centioni, L.; Tiberi, D.; Pietromarchi, P.; Bellincontro, A.; Mencarelli, Fabio 
52013Feasibility of electronic nose to diferentiate commercial Spanish wines elaborated from the same grape varietyNieves-lopez De Lerma, M.; Bellincontro, A.; Garcia-martinez, T.; Mencarelli, Fabio ; Moreno, J. J.
62012Feasible application of a portable NIR-AOTF tool for on-field prediction of phenolic compounds during ripening of olives for oil productionBellincontro, Andrea ; Taticchi, A.; Servili, M.; Esposto, S.; Farinelli, D.; Mencarelli, Fabio 
72015Influence of short-term postharvest ozone treatments in nitrogen or air atmosphere on the metabolic response of white wine grapes. FOOD AND BIOPROCESS TECHNOLOGY,Carbone, K.; Mencarelli, Fabio 
82012Influenza di due tipologie di lavaggio sulle caratteristiche qualitative di spinaci della IV gamma confezionati in atmosfera protettivaBartoloni, S.; Mencarelli, Fabio ; Forniti, R.; Botondi, R.
92016Management of postharvest grape withering to optimise the aroma of the final wine: A case study on Amarone. FOOD CHEMISTRY,Bellincontro, A.; Matarese, F.; D'onofrio, C.; Accordini, D.; Tosi, E.; Mencarelli, Fabio 
102017Nebulized water cooling of the canopy affects leaf temperature, berry composition and wine quality of Sauvignon blancPaciello, P.; Mencarelli, Fabio ; Palliotti, A.; Ceccantoni, B.; Thibon, C.; Darriet, P.; Pasquini, M.; Bellincontro, Andrea ; Thibn, C.
112012NIRMAP per mappare la qualit√† dell'uva in vignetoBarnaba, E. F.; Bellincontro, A.; Mencarelli, Fabio 
122013Oil accumulation in intact olive fruits measured by near infrared spectroscopy-acousto-optically tunable filterBellincontro, A.; Caruso, G.; Mencarelli, Fabio ; Gucci, R.
132016On-field monitoring of fruit ripening evolution and quality parameters in olive mutants using a portable NIR-AOTF device. FOOD CHEMISTRY,Cirilli, M.; Bellincontro, A.; Urbani, S.; Servili, M.; Esposito, S.; Mencarelli, Fabio ; Muleo, R.
142015Ozone fumigation for safety and quality of wine grapes in postharvestdehydration. . FOOD CHEMISTRY,Botondi, R.; Desanctis, F.; Moscatelli, N.; Vettraino, A. M.; Catelli, C.; Mencarelli, Fabio 
152015Ozone fumigation postharvest treatment for the quality of wine grape. ACTA HORTICULTURAE,Desanctis, F.; Ceccantoni, B.; Bellincontro, A.; Botondi, R.; Mencarelli, Fabio ; D'onofrio, C.; Ducci, E.; Catelli, C.
162014Portable NIR-AOTF spectroscopy combined with winery FTIR spectroscopy for an easy,rapid, in-fieldmonitoring of Sangiovese grape qualityBarnaba, F. E.; Bellincontro, A.; Mencarelli, Fabio 
172013Postharvest dehydration of Nebbiolo grapes grown at altitude is affected by time of defoliationNicoletti, I.; Nicoletti; I.; Bellincontro; A.; De Rossi; De Sanctis; F.; Tiberi; D.; Pietromarchi; Bellincontro, Andrea ; P.; Corradini; Mencarelli; Desanctis, F.; De Rossi, A.; De Sanctis, F.; Tiberi, D.; Pietromarchi, P.; Botondi, Rinaldo ; Corradini, D.; Mencarelli, Fabio 
182012Postharvest dehydration of wine white grapes to increase genistein, daidzein and the main carotenoidsDe Sanctis, F.; Silvestrini Mg; Luneia, R.; Botondi, R.; Bellincontro, Andrea ; Mencarelli, Fabio ; Desanctis, F.; Silvestrini, M. G.
192014Simultaneous application of ethylene and 1-MCP affects banana ripening features during storageBotondi, Rinaldo ; De Sanctis, F.; Bartoloni, F.; Mencarelli, Fabio ; Desanctis, F.; Bartoloni, S.
202012Spettroscopia NIR-AOTF: tecnica innovativa per determinare la sostanza secca e quindi l'epoca di raccolta dello zucchinoBarnaba, F. E.; Bellincontro, A.; Mencarelli, Fabio