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Muganu, Massimo
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12017Assessment of suitability and suppressiveness of on-farm green compost as a substitute of peat in the production of lavender plantsChilosi, Gabriele ; Muganu; M.; Paolocci, M.; Vettraino, Anna Maria ; Vannini, Andrea ; Aleandri Mp; Bruni, N.; Tomassini, A.; Torresi, V.; Muganu, Massimo ; Aleandri; Gabriele Chilosi; Maria Pia Aleandri; Natalia Bruni; Alessia Tomassini; Veronica Torresi; Massimo Muganu; Marco Paolocci; Annamaria Vettraino; Chilosi; Aleandri, G.; M. P.; Paolocci; Vannini; Bruni; N.; Tomassini; A.; Torresi; V.
22013Effecy of different soil management practices on grapevine growth and on berry quality assessed by NIR-AOTF spectroscopyMuganu, Massimo ; Paolocci, M.; Gnisci, D.; Barnaba Fe; Bellincontro, A.; Mencarelli, F.; Grosu, I.
32015Enhancement of adventitious root differentiation and growth of in vitro grapevine shoots inoculated with plant growth promoting rhizobacteriaMuganu, Massimo ; Paolocci, M.; Bignami, C.; Di Mattia, Elena 
42015Functional Leaf Traits and Diurnal Dynamics of Photosynthetic Parameters Predict the Behavior of Grapevine Varieties Towards OzoneElisa Pellegrini; Alessandra Campanella; Marco Paolocci; Alice Trivellini; Clizia Gennai; Muganu, Massimo ; Cristina Nali; Giacomo Lorenzini
52014Leaf morphological characteristics and stilbene production differently affect downy mildew resistance of Vitis vinifera varieties grown in ItalyPaolocci, M.; Muganu, Massimo ; Alonso-villaverde, V.; Gindro, K.
62012Microclimate Influence on the Morphology of Grape Berry at Maturity and on the Quality of the Berries During the Postharvest Dehydration ProcessMuganu, Massimo ; Bellincontro, Andrea ; Barnaba Fe; Paolocci, M.; Mencarelli, F.; Barnaba, F. E.
72017Microparticles containing gallic and ellagic acids for the biological control of bacterial diseases of kiwifruit plantsRossetti, A.; Mazzaglia, Angelo ; Muganu, Massimo ; Paolocci, M.; Sguizzato, M.; Esposito, E.; Cortesi, R.; Balestra Gm
82015On farm production of compost from nursery green residues and its use to reduce peat for the production of olive pot plantsAleandri , M. P.; Luccioli, E.; Maria Pia Aleandri; Gabriele Chilosi; Annamaria Vettraino; Sara Marinari; Marco Paolocci; Elena Luccioli; Andrea Vannini; Aleandri; M. P.; Chilosi, Gabriele ; Chilosi; G.; Muganu; M.; Vettraino, Anna Maria ; Marinari; S.; Paolocci; Luccioli; E.; Muganu, Massimo ; Vannini; A.; Marinari, Sara ; Paolocci Luccioli, M. E.; Vannini, A.; Aleandri Mp; Paolocci, M.