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Laureti, Tiziana
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12013Wine from Lazio RegionCacchiarelli, L.; Carbone, A.; Laureti, Tiziana ; Sorrentino, A.
22012Well-being and quality of life in ItalyLaureti, Tiziana ; Biggeri, L.; Secondi, L.
32020Water use efficiency and public goods conservation: A spatial stochastic frontier model applied to irrigation in Southern ItalyLaureti, Tiziana ; benedetti, ilaria ; Branca, Giacomo 
42016The value of the certifications of originCacchiarelli, Luca ; Carbone, Anna ; Laureti, Tiziana ; Sorrentino, Alessandro ; Esti, M.
52014The value of quality clues in the wine marketCacchiarelli, L.; Carbone, A.; Laureti, Tiziana ; Sorrentino, Alessandro 
62017Using scanner and CPI data to estimate Italian subnational PPPsLaureti, Tiziana ; Ferrante, C.; Dramis, B.
72020The native-migrant gap in job satisfaction across European countriesbenedetti, ilaria ; Laureti, Tiziana ; Andrea Regoli
82020The future role of official statistics in the business data arenaMenghinello, Stefano; Faramondi, Alessandro; Laureti, Tiziana 
92018The effects of historical satisfaction, provided services characteristics and website dimensions on encounter overall satisfactionLaureti, Tiziana ; Piccarozzi, Michela ; Aquilani, Barbara
102018Territorial and individual educational inequality: A Capability Approach analysis for Italy.Guarini, Giulio ; Laureti, Tiziana ; Garofalo, Giuseppe 
112020Supervising third-party control bodies for certification: the case of organic farming in ItalyAnnalisa Zezza; Federica Demaria; Laureti, Tiziana ; Secondi, Luca 
122020Supervising third-party control bodies for certification: the case of organic farming in ItalyZezza, Annalisa; Demaria, Federica; Laureti, Tiziana ; Secondi, Luca 
132014Sprechi alimentariLaureti, Tiziana ; Secondi, Luca ; Principato, L.
142018Spatial comparisons of consumer prices using big data: Empirical evidence from ItalyLaureti, Tiziana ; Federico, Polidoro
152020Socio-Institutional Determinants of Educational Resource Efficiency According to the Capability Approach: An Endogenous Stochastic Frontier AnalysisGuarini, Giulio ; Laureti, Tiziana ; Garofalo, Giuseppe 
162014Prezzi e qualit del vinoCacchiarelli, Luca ; Carbone, A.; Esti, M.; Laureti, Tiziana ; Sorrentino, Alessandro 
172020Measuring Uncertainty for Poverty Indicators at Regional Level: The Case of Mediterranean Countriesbenedetti, ilaria ; Laureti, Tiziana ; Federico Crescenzi
182014Measuring the efficiency of teaching activities in Italian universitiesLaureti, Tiziana ; Secondi, Luca ; Biggeri, L.
192019Measuring spatial price level differences within a country: Current status and future developmentsLaureti, Tiziana ; D.S. Prasada Rao
202021Measuring and communicating uncertainty of poverty indicators at regional levelLaureti, Tiziana ; benedetti, ilaria