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Gevi, Federica
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12012Acclimation to intense light implies changes at the level of trimeric subunits involved in the structural organization of the main Light-harvesting complex of Photosystem II (LHCII) and their isoformsTimperio, Annamaria ; Gevi, Federica ; Ceci Lr; Zolla, L.; Ceci, L.
22012Alterations of red blood cell metabolome during cold liquid storage of erythrocyte concentrates in CPD-SAGMGevi, Federica ; S.; Dalessandro, A.; Rinalducci, Sara ; Zolla, Lello ; Gevi; F.; D'alessandro; A.; Rinalducci
32013Cadmium stress responses in Brassica junceaDalessandro, A.; Taamalli, M.; Gevi, Federica ; Timperio, Annamaria ; Zolla, L.; Ghnaya, T.
42017The cardioprotective effect of sildenafil is mediated by the activation of malate dehydrogenase and an increase in the malate-aspartate shuttle in cardiomyocytesGevi, Federica ; Campolo Federica; Naro Fabio; Zolla Lello
52012Clinical MetabolomicsDalessandro, A.; Lello Zolla1; Giardina, B.; Gevi, Federica ; Timperio, Annamaria ; Zolla, L.; Angelo Dalessandro1; Bruno Giardina2
62010Comparison among plasma-derived clotting factor VIII by using monodimensional gel electrophoresis and mass spectrometryTimperio, Annamaria ; Zolla Lello; Gevi, Federica ; Grazzini, G.; Vaglio, S.; Zolla, L.; Grazzini Giuliano; Vaglio Stefania
72012A mass spectrometry-based targeted metabolomics strategy of human blastocoele fluidDalessandro, A.; Gevi, Federica ; Palini, S.; Bulletti, C.; Zolla
82018Metabolic patterns in insulin-resistant male hypogonadismGevi, Federica ; Fanelli, G.; Zolla, L.
92018Metabolic patterns in insulin-sensitive male hypogonadismFanelli, G.; Gevi, Federica ; Belardo, A.; Zolla, L.
102012Murine macrophages response to ironPolati, R.; Dalessandro, A.; Brunch, R.; Olivieri, O.; Girelli, D.; Timperio, Annamaria ; Federica, G.; Castagna, A.; Bossi Am; Alberio, T.; De Domenico, I.; Kaplan, J.; Zolla, L.; Gevi, Federica 
112014Protective effects of the neuropeptides PACAP, substance P and the somatostatin analogue octreotide in retinal ischemiaDalessandro, A.; Cervia, Davide ; Catalani, E.; Gevi, Federica ; Zolla, L.; Casini, G.
122009Proteomic Analysis of rFVIII ConcentratesTimperio, A.; Damici, G.; Gevi, Federica ; Rinalducci, S.; Liumbruno Gm; Zolla, L.
132015Proteomic and metabolic profiles of Cakile maritima Scop. Sea Rocket grown in the presence of cadmiumTaamalli M1; Dalessandro, A.; Marrocco, C.; Gevi, Federica ; Timperio Am; Zolla, Lello ; Taamalli, M.; D'alessandro, A.
142010Recombinant clotting factor VIII concentratesDamici Gm; Lello Zolla; Timperio, Annamaria ; Gevi, Federica ; Grazzini, G.; Zolla, L.; Gian Maria Damici; Federica Gevi; Giuliano Grazzini
152016Red Blood Cell HomeostasisJudith Cluitmans, C. A.; Giel Bosman, J. G. C. M.; Gevi, Federica ; Angela Siciliano; Alessandro Matte; Joames Leal, K. F.; Lucia De Franceschi; Lello Zolla; Roland Brock; Merel Jw Adjobo-hermans
162013Red blood cell metabolism under prolonged anaerobic storageDalessandro, A.; Gevi, Federica ; Zolla, Lello ; D'alessandro; A.; Gevi; F.
172018Redox Status, Procoagulant Activity, and Metabolome of Fresh Frozen Plasma in Glucose 6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase DeficiencyTzounakas Vl; Gevi, Federica ; Georgatzakou Ht; Zolla, L.; Papassideri Is; Kriebardis Ag; Rinalducci, Sara ; Antonelou, Mh.; Antonelou Mh
182017A Relay Pathway between Arginine and Tryptophan Metabolism Confers Immunosuppressive Properties on Dendritic CellsMondanelli G1; Macchiarulo A2; Ugel S3; Bronte V3; Gevi, Federica ; Zolla L4; Verhaar A5; Peppelenbosch M5; Mazza Em6; Bicciato S6; Laouar Y7; Bianchi R1; Santambrogio L8; Puccetti P1; Volpi C9; Grohmann U10; Pallotta Mt1; Orabona C1; Albini E1; Iacono A1; Belladonna Ml1; Vacca C1; Fallarino F1
192011A robust high resolution reversed-phase HPLC strategy to investigate various metabolic species in different biological modelsDalessandro, A.; Gevi, Federica ; Zolla, L.
202014Supplementation of anti-oxidants in leukofiltered erythrocyte concentratesPallotta, V.; Naro, F.; Gevi, Federica ; Dalessandro, A.; Zolla L-